The term “installment loan” has been used for many different types of both commercial and personal loans which are offered to needy individuals. In this type of loans, the principal amount along with interest is repaid on pre-scheduled payments, or installments. In each installment, you will pay a part of the total borrowed sum. The primary differentiating point of this type of loans besides the principal amount of the loan is the interest rates that are charged to the borrower and the tenure of the loan.

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Everything you need to know about the Installment Loan
Personal loan, mortgage loans or auto loans are some of the most common examples of Installment loan. Aside from mortgage loan, almost every other installment loan are fixed-rate loans, in the mortgage loan the interest rate changes with time but other than mortgage loan interest rate for every other installment loan is pretty much fixed from the beginning to the end of the loan. That is the reason why the installments or a payment which is usually every month remains the same for the entirety of the loan tenure, making it easier for the borrowers to repay the loan.

Installment loans can either be non-collateralized or collateralized. For an auto loan, the vehicle purchased from the loan value is used as collateral, and in the case of property, the house purchased from the loan is used as collateral. A personal loan is also a type of installment which is usually extended to the borrower without any collateral, in such loans the creditworthiness is checked through their past credit score, and their ability to repay the principal amount according to their income. The interest rates of non-collateral loans are higher than the ones which are collateralized because there are high chances of non-repayment of the loan.

How you can apply for an Installment loan
You just need to fill and installment loan form from any of the financial institutions or moneylender, in which you need to specify why you are availing this loan. Here you can ask the lender anything you wish to know about the loan such tenure of the loan, interest rates, installment amount, etc.

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Benefits of installment loan
Installment loans are pretty flexible and can easily be tailored to the particular need of the borrower. You can choose the tenure of the loan according to the installment you can pay monthly.

It is a lot better option for instant financing as compared to other credit instruments like credit cards. Compared to other quick and small financing methods, the interest rate in the installment loans is a lot less than others.

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