What Is INTA in New Thought?
By Rev. Carol S. Batey
The 2011 INTA Ministry Development Conference will be held at Living Truth Center for Better Living (LTC), located in East Cleveland, Ohio from April 13-16, 2011. The Rev. Alice J. Brown is the Senior Minster and INTA District President of INTA for N.W. Ohio and S. Michigan. INTA (International New Thought Alliance) was established in 1914 and functions with many branches, organizations and individuals. The branches of New Thought are Center of Spiritual Living (Religious Science), Divine Science, Unity, and UFBL (Universal Foundation for Better Living). The Spiritual principles of New Thought are positive approaches to life, with the main goal of practicing the presence of a Living God. Located in Mesa, Arizona, INTA's spiritual undertaking is concerned with research and development, and information distributed to the world-at–large. Another charge of the INTA organization is to teach the infinitude of the Supreme One, the Divinity of man, and his Infinite possibilities through the creative power of constructive thinking and obedience to the voice of the indwelling Presence, which is our source of inspiration, power, health, and prosperity.
INTA has five missions 1) Support and give spiritual inspiration and direction to ministers, other leaders, and laypeople; 2) Promote interest and knowledge of international and local programs to increase New Thought understanding; 3) Help groups find emotional and spiritual support and renewal; 4) Provide educational ministry conferences, programs, and local teachings; 5) Preserve New Thought’s spiritual history and help those members of New Thought to grow in their awareness and love of God.

The Rev. Alice J. Brown, INTA District President of N.W. Ohio and S. Michigan states: “The purpose of the INTA Ministry Development Conference at LTC is to share how ministry is conducted at Living Truth Center for Better Living, Inc. We invite those who attend to also share how they are doing ministry in their locations. We will share ideas and techniques that will help us examine the various ways ministry is being done in each spiritual community.” She continues, “The conference is open to everyone who is in ministry. Some of the ministries that will be sharing will be our Prayer Ministry, Women of the Word, Men Expressing Christ, Mentoring Program, BDK (Bulletin Board, Decorating, and Kitchen), and Choir, etc.”

If you want to increase leadership in ministry this is the conference for you to attend April 13-16, 2011. Or perhaps you are just interested in learning more about spiritual enlightenment and personal transformation for yourself. Whatever you’re seeking to learn about ministry, this is the conference for you. The topic for this conference is “Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone By Taking A Leap of Faith.”
The cost of the Conference is $300.00 and includes the conference classes and handouts, lunch, snacks and transportation to and from the airport and the hotel. The hotel is within one mile from the conference location which is Living Truth Center for Better Living, 1850 Belmore Road, East Cleveland, Ohio 44112. For more information please visit our website: www.livingtruthcenter.org and check out the INTA page.

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Rev. Carol S. Batey, B. Msc, has submitted this article to educate those who don't know about INTA.