There are so many different kinds of housing options available for the common citizens of Singapore. On one hand, they have the different flats, apartments and executive condominiums served by the Housing & Development Board every year. On the other hand, there are a large number of privatized properties that include luxury condominiums, private houses and bungalows among others. Moreover, these residential properties are not only available in a variety of sizes and designs, but also in different locations and with varying facilities and benefits.

Among the different types of properties on offer in the real estate market of Singapore, condominiums seem to enjoy the maximum preference of the common public of the city. There are multiple reasons behind the widespread popularity of the condo units as the ideal housing structure in the city. These reasons have been discussed here.

  • Available to all: One of the best aspects of luxury condominiums is that they are available for purchase to all. This means that even the non-citizens of the city are eligible to purchase these properties once they fulfill a few regulations set forth by the government of the city. The HDB homes, on the other hand, are not available for purchase to foreigners in the city. They can only purchase these properties after a period of at least ten years, after which a HDB residential property can be privatized by the owner/occupier.
  • Cheap and inexpensive: Prices of luxury condominiums in popular complexes like the North Park Residences Singapore are much lower than the prices of other private residential properties in the city. Hence, residential condos seem to be the ideal choice when it comes to obtaining inexpensive housing options for the people of the city. Now, HDB residential properties are definitely cheaper than the luxury condominiums in the city, but they are not readily available for purchase for foreigners.
  • Vast array of facilities: Condominium complexes offer a number of facilities that are only available with high-end private residential properties in the city that come with hefty price tags. Facilities like swimming pools, gymnasiums, children’s parks, etc. commonly feature in condominium complexes in the city like the North Park Residences Yishun Central and other areas. This helps the people of the city to enjoy highly luxurious facilities without having to blow a hole in their pockets in order to afford them.
  • Extra security: Most condominium complexes in the city are constructed in highly sophisticated neighborhoods of Singapore. Hence, condominium owners of the city get to enjoy a sophisticated and enhanced lifestyle in the city. Moreover, condominiums also offer highly secure living environments. This means that there are minimum possibilities of unwanted activities like burglaries, break-ins and similar other incidents that could pose a threat to the well-being of the residents.
  • Great connectivity: Most condominium developments in the city are constructed in areas that have great connectivity to the important landmarks of Singapore. Hence, residents will be able to get to their desired location with sufficient ease and without having to spend a whole lot of time.
  • Condominiums seem to be the best housing options in Singapore at the moment as they offer a greatly enhanced lifestyle in one of the finest cities in the world.

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    Maryann Wilson has experience of working with condominium developments like the North Park Residences Singapore for more than a decade. She now acts as a consultant for new investors for properties like the North Park Residences Yishun Central.