In Barcelona you can fulfill the fantasy of having an encounter with a sex doll. A reporter became a client to write a chronicle, and the results are surprising.

The city of Barcelona has the first brothel in Europe in which both sex workers and sex dolls work, dolls the size of a real woman, with real measurements and real touch.

The Lumi Dolls company, led by Sergi Prieto, a young Catalan entrepreneur, is responsible for introducing the first sex dolls to Europe.

Clients can maintain relationships with them on the premises or rent them by the hour at home. The company prepares them to suit the client and delivers them and will pick them up once they have finished the service.

The dolls can also be customized, so that the client can ask the company staff to wear a special outfit, the one that most morbid causes. Nurse and executive suits are the most popular.

According to Prieto, CEO of the company, in most cases this fantasy is due to the desire to carry out sexual fantasies that, for moral reasons or various prejudices, are not able to satisfy with a being of flesh and blood.

And after the experience
Once the client has finished the service with the doll, the object is thoroughly disinfected to prepare it for the next one.

The company has the necessary license to carry out this type of activity, as confirmed by La Vanguardia representatives of LumiDolls and Apricots. The dolls, according to the Spanish media, have already served several clients since last Thursday at the Arizala street establishment.

And what is the experience really like?
A New Code reporter tested one of the dolls: "So much exuberance overwhelms me but there is no going back. It has taken me weeks to get the exclusive to try the doll and I do not think to waste it. The first contact with the skin of the doll is strange Although it is quite mild, Katy's temperature is very far from the 37 degrees of a human being. However, it is also true that without clothes and in low light the doll gains many points. Her defined abdomen and the curves of her hips they are, beyond the obviousness of the tits, Katy's biggest attraction. "

What happened?

"I'm not going to lie to you, no matter how elaborate Katy is, I can't get an erection. Perhaps it has something to do with what Sergi told me moments before leaving me alone with the doll:" normally the ones who most enjoy the doll are the ones that already come with a sexual fantasy in mind. "And it is that, beyond the curiosity of the novelty, the doll does not excite me in the least so I have to resort to masturbation of a lifetime to get spliced ​​and put myself the condom ", he relates in his chronicle , which concludes with a happy ending, where the reporter admits that the act was pleasant, something rare, but considers that as a sex toy, dolls have a future. It will only be a matter of getting used to: silicones, wigs and the cold of the body.

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Imon is a freelance writer