IUI, Intrauterine insemination is a very simple procedure of treatment not like IVF treatment. IVF treatment involves many complex series of treatment and on the other hand, IUI treatment is a simple procedure of treatment. In IUI treatment men sperm directly put into women uterus and with the help of this treatment sperm easily get close to women’s eggs. And this procedure increases the chances of a successful pregnancy with the help of IUI treatment.

Who need IUI Treatment

If you are a couple and welling to have pregnancy but you are unable to conceive a baby because of male infertility issues or because of your inability to get pregnant. This means you have a reproductive system issue. Many couples think that IVF is the only solution for infertility and many get confused about IUI vs IVF. but IVF is not always a solution there is a very less cost-effective way for a couple to achieve pregnancy known as IUI. IUI treatment is not always the best option but in some cases it is. If a couple is using a sperm donor to conceive baby or men have low sperm count or sperm motility then IUI treatment is the best because in this procedure doctor takes a sperm sample and puts it into the uterus. Which increases the chances of getting pregnant.

The benefit of IUI Treatment

IUI treatment has very fewer chances of (OHSS) Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.

IUI treatment is also a great way to find out what is the problem in the reproductive system. Compared to doing full IVF treatment. Your doctor will have a bit clear image of the issue by doing IUI treatment.

Very Less stress on the body. IUI treatment is a very simple treatment and there are very fewer chances of any side effects. Many couples do think that the IUI procedure is painful. But IUI treatment is not a painful procedure.

IUI treatment increases the chances of pregnancy compared to the natural way. In a natural way, only the strong sperm can reach the cervical mucus and then to the uterus and fallopian tubes. But in IUI treatment men sperm directly injected into women’s uterus which increases the chances of IUI success.

Very Affordable Treatment. IVF treatment is very expansive compared to IUI treatment. The cost of IUI treatment in India ranges from Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000.

Risk Factor of IUI Treatment

Intrauterine insemination, IUI is a very simple procedure of treatment but still, there are some side effects of IUI treatment. But the IUI treatment risk factor is very low compared to IVF so the couple does not need to be afraid of anything. Consulting with a specialist doctor can really help you understand the risk procedure of IUI treatment.

Multiple pregnancies: - IUI treatment is not associated with any risk of multiple pregnancies but in some cases when IUI coordinated with ovulation-inducing medication then the risk of multiple pregnancy increases. And multiple pregnancies have a risk of early labor and low birth weight then signals pregnancy.

Infection: - IUI treatment is a very low-risk procedure so there are very fewer chances of developing an infection as a result of the procedure.

Spotting: - When the doctor places the catheter in the uterus then it may cause small vaginal bleeding only in some cases. And spotting does not affect pregnancy.

Why Take IUI Treatment in India

There are many reasons why you should choose India for IUI treatment but the main reason for choosing IUI treatment in India is because of the high success rate in IUI treatment. Also very low-cost IUI treatment. If you visit India for IUI treatment you will have to pay very less compared to other countries. That's why many international couples visit India for IUI treatment and if you visit the best IVF centre in India you will find the best IUI doctor with years of experience in this treatment field. That why you need to visit India for IUI treatment also medical travel to India is very less cost-effective than other countries.


IUI treatment is a very good treatment for a couple who are suffering from infertility issues. This treatment is very low cost-effective and has very fewer chances of any side effects. Compared to long complex treatment, IUI stands as the simple fast resulting giving treatment.

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