IUI Treatment

Intrauterine insemination, IUI is a treatment procedure used for treating infertility issues. In the case of couples are suffering from infertility issues also known as reproductive system issues than mostly IVF is proffered but in some cases, IUI treatment is enough for achieving pregnancy. IUI cannot treat all kinds of infertility issues but there are some current issues that can be treated with IUI treatment.

IUI Treatment is Best for Couples with an issue like: -

• cervical mucus problems

• Sperm with no Motility issues

• irregular menstrual cycles

• Absence of or minimal endometriosis

IUI Treatment Procedure in Ahmedabad

Health Checkups and Medication

Find the IUI treatment centre is not hard as any IVF centre in Ahmedabad will offer you the service of IUI treatment but remember to only visit the reputed IVF centre because only a qualified doctor can help you achieve pregnancy other IVF doctor cannot help you in this process.

As you visit to meet with your doctor you need to confirm your issue with your pregnancy and if the doctor will think that there are issues then he/she will do medical checkups and also maintain your hormonal levels doctor may give you medication. These medications help female partners in creating quality eggs also there are chances that doctors will give you some injections these injections and medication also help you in the growth of follicles which helps in ovulation.

Monitoring the Process in Body

After medication this is an important process that doctor needs to do because when doctor give you a medication then it is important to see if medication is working properly or not and what the effects of medication in IUI process doctor will see if the growth of the follicles good or not and as per growth medication doses will be given. Because if sometimes there are chances of multiple egg growth so also your blood test will be taken to see the estrogen concentrations.


The doctor induces the Ovulation process after confirming the egg growth and maturity of follicles. If these are the factors going right then the doctor will give hcG injection that induces the ovulation process so eggs can process at the right time.

Semen Injecting

After when a doctor has ovulated the eggs then the doctor takes a male partner semen sample in the next morning of the ovulation process because this time the chances of pregnancy are high that why at the time of ovulation doctor injects the semen in the uterus. The semen is injected with a very thin needle through women's cervix to the uterus.


After 1 or 2 weeks you need to visit your clinic for pregnancy confirmation and the doctor will do ultrasound tests and then he will confirm the pregnancy.

IUI Success rate and Cost

As if you compared IUI with IVF then IVF have upper hand as in the IVF process doctor will do fertilization outside the women’s body and in IUI fertilization happens in the woman's reproductive system also there are many addition process which help in IVF treatment to increase the success rate that’s why IVF is more successful than IUI. If your health condition matches the treatment needs then IUI treatment is very successful treatment the thing which creates a difference is IUI treatment can treat limited issues but IVF can go far with treatment issues. But there is one more thing which creates a big difference in both the treatments is cost. The IUI cost in Ahmedabad is about Rs.6000 to Rs.9000 this is just a basic cost of treatment still IVF you compare IVF basic cost to IUI then you will see a big price difference. That’s why infertility couples prefer IUI treatment.

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Dr Pranay Shah is an IVF doctor in Ahmedabad provides successful IVF treatment many infertility couples till now he has treated more then 3000+ infertility couples.