In vitro fertilization also known as IVF, test tube baby, and fertility treatment this treatment procedure is used to treat infertility couples who are suffering from childlessness. Infertility is an issue where the couples reproductive system has some issue like block fallopian tube, unhealthy egg’s, fertilization issue, and low semen motility these are some issue that causes infertility in couples and because of that couple cannot able to achieve pregnancy. Many couples try for years to conceive a baby but do not achieve pregnancy and I that case IVF treatment is the best successful method to achieve pregnancy.

Step by Step IVF Treatment Procedure

This step by step IVF procedure is usually done by IVF doctor but yes in some case doctor have to add a new method of treatment for treating different type of couples so the procedure of IVF treatment and IVF cost in India totally depends on the centre to centre and current health condition of the applicant.

Step 1: - In this step, you visit your IVF doctor and conform your issue and later he/she sees your issue and after confirming your infertility issue doctor my give you some medications for 8-14 days. This medication will help to grow more eggs.

Step 2: - After 8 to 14 days you need to visit your doctor again to check if medication is working well or not and in any case, if you need extra medication or injection also your blood test and ultrasound tests are also being checked.

Step 3: - Egg retrieval, In that day IVF doctors will retrieve eggs from women and later in the someday men also need to provide a semen sample. Or in case of medical reason if male semen is not good because any medical issue doctor can suggest you semen donor for the fertilization process.

Step 4: - In this process, IVF doctors take eggs and semen to fertilize in the lab dish to create embryos. This process is done with the help of powerful microscopes.

Step 5: - Later when embryos are created they are directly inserted into women’s uterus with the help of a very thin needle.

This is the full step by step IVF procedure but as IVF treatment procedure depends on the health condition couples this process my change or take more time than usual also IVF cost is always different for one person to another.


The IVF treatment procedure in India the very advanced and the success rate of IVF treatment is very high also IVF cost in India is very affordable as compared to other countries also compared to other reproductive treatment IVF has the highest success rate in terms of pregnancy.

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