Karma is categorized into three parts.

The first part - SANCHIT. The word Sanchit means ‘TOTAL’ - all that is accumulated from all your past lives. Whenever I say ‘you’ or ‘your’ - let it be very clear that it is for all my followers including the questioner.

‘Total’ - SANCHIT KARMA - that is NOT what the Saturn in your birth chart represents.

The second part - Prarabdha. How many years can you live in this human form? 50? 70? 80? 100? - every human birth has a certain limitation. And so you certainly cannot go through SANCHIT KARMA (Because it is the total of all your Karma - it is HUGE) so everything cannot be experienced in one human birth - only a part of the SANCHIT KARMA can be experienced - this part of SANCHIT KARMA is called Prarabhda.

Prarabhda (प्रारब्ध) ‘Actual experience - actual results this life’ though just a part of the TOTAL (SANCHIT) - this part of your karmic cycle is represented by the placement of SATURN in your birth chart.

The third type - Kriyamaan. An on-going small part of the big part (Prarabhda) of the Total (Sanchit) - every day, week - that you continue to experience the small part of the Prarabhda.

Kriyamaan ‘Ongoing karmic dues’ - this is represented by the transiting SATURN. So when you say ‘MY Saturn is in the 12th house from my moon” - you are currently paying the dues of the 12th house - the 12th house responsibilities pile up - the 12th house loss comes over - the 12th house spiritual experiences also come over - so everything related to 12th and the 6th comes over. Saturn’s 7th aspect works more strongly.

So, see how beautiful is all this!

Saturn is a friend. HE is a friend to every man and every woman who is following the path of TRUTH - who is sincerely living his life with utmost faith and love in your heart. Even a strict Saturn melts down when He sees someone who is humble, someone who has absolutely killed the poison called EGO.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is an expert Indian astrologer having 40 years of experience in astrology.