Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga that involves chanting, singing, breathing exercises, and repetitive posture. Your ultimate aim is to activate your Kundalini energy or Shakti. This is the spiritual force that is said to be at the base of your spine.

As Kundalini yoga awakens this energy, it should improve your awareness and help you pass through your ego. Sometimes, the practice is also called "awareness yoga." Although the practice of Kundalini yoga is active worldwide, its origins are unknown. The concept of Kundalini energy has been around for centuries and is mentioned in ancient Vedic texts from 1,000 B.C.

Kundalini yoga is closely associated with Yogi Bhajan, a Pakistani yoga teacher. He was praised for introducing the practice in Western lands in the 1960s. The word "Kundalini" comes from the Sanskrit word "kundal," meaning "circle." It also refers to wrapped snakes. And according to doctors, the Kundalini energy is similar to that of a coiled snake: It stays under your spine, asleep, and never wakes up.
Kundalini yoga tends to activate this force, which in turn allows you to ascend and pass through the chakras in your spine.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Let us now discuss the benefits of Kundalini yoga:
Lowers stress and anxiety: In a small study in 2017 and 2018, participants found relief from stress and anxiety immediately after performing Kundalini yoga. This effect continued after another 3 months of practice.

Improves cognitive skills: In a 2017 controlled study, researchers surveyed 81 participants with mild cognitive impairment. At the end of the study, only the Kundalini group showed short-term and long-term improvement in their high performance. This includes skills such as thinking, problem-solving, and mental flexibility, among others.

Improves self-perception: Another small study of 2017 found that Kundalini yoga classes can improve physical fitness and adaptation. These benefits were observed in nine women diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. It can help treat eating disorders and improve self-awareness and self-perception.
Spiritual inclination: It is believed that as your Kundalini energy rises, you connect spiritually with yourself and others.
Targeted benefits may include the following:
• More empathy
• Increase in creativity
• improved charisma
• Power increased
• Inner peace
Kundalini Poses
Let us now discuss Yoga for beginners that are easy to perform.
Lotus Pose: The lotus is a basic habitat. It helps to open your hips, so it may feel awkward if you have tightness in this area. Walk slowly and avoid standing up if you have hip problems. Sit down with your legs open. Keep the spine neutral. Bend your knees out; bring your feet to your body as if you were going to sit in a place with opposite legs. Place your left foot on your right thigh. Then, place your right foot on top of your left thigh. Breathe and exhale deeply.

Cobra pose: How to practice kundalini meditation? Well, the Cobra pose is an easy and relaxing posture to perform that can be done even while meditating. For this, lie on your stomach, legs and feet pressed together. Put your feet up and down. Plant the palms of your hands under your shoulders. Make sure your fingers are forward and your elbows are aligned. Take a deep breath. Lift your head and your body, pressing your lower body down. Stretch your arms lift your chest and abdomen. Bring your shoulders down and back. Hold the Cobra for 30 seconds, breathing heavily. Exhale and return to the starting position.

Archer pose: The arrow is supposed to make you feel confident, like a hero. To do this pose:
Stand up straight, your feet together. Rotate your right foot out, about 45 degrees. Step your right foot back, straightening your leg. Bend your left knee, but make sure it does not extend to your left foot. Stretch your arms up to shoulder height. Pull both hands into the fists and point your thumbs up. Rotate your upper left body. At the same time bend your right elbow and bring your right fist to your right armpit. Look ahead and breathe deeply while holding this position for 2 to 3 minutes. Then switch sides, your left leg back and your left arm bent, and hold for another 2 to 3 minutes while breathing deeply.

A piece of short and brief information has been provided above on kundalini yoga and its benefits. Kundalini yoga is more spiritual than any other type of yoga. While other forms of yoga flow through the air, Kundalini yoga combines singing, singing, movement, and breathing in a variety of patterns. The goal is to promote spiritual enlightenment.
There are a few scientifically-proven benefits of Kundalini yoga. According to research, it can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental performance, and increase your self-esteem and self-esteem.

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