'Mahabhagya Yoga' is a god blessing…

There are many Raja Yoga in astrology. And they all have their importance. But the most special of these is Mahabhagya Yoga. Mahabhagya Yoga is yoga beyond Raja Yoga. The person born in this yoga is especially blessed by God. As the name of this yoga proves, a person with this yoga is very lucky. The native-born in this yoga is not ordinary but is a master of extraordinary talent. That person illuminates the name of his family and family with his fortune. Such a person, whether born in a poor household or rich household, is successful.

Mahabhagya Yoga is one of the largely important and prominent yogas in Vedic Astrology. As the name implies, ‘Maha’ says ‘great’ and ‘Bhagya’ says ‘fortune’. So, if you have Mahabhagya Yoga in your natal chart, you were perhaps survived with a silver spoon in your mouth. You will necessarily be honored with enormous prosperity.

So propitious is this yoga that it strengthens the across-the-board quality of the natal chart. It is realized to be a very unusual yoga where the mixtures are several for a man- woman.

For example, this yoga is made in Morarji Desai's chart. Morarji was born into a very simple family. His father was a teacher. He became deputy collector on the strength of his hard work and hard work, but due to the loyalty of the country, he gave up that job and jumped into the freedom struggle and there was a time when he came to occupy the highest powerful post of India.

How is MahaBhagya Yoga formed?

This yoga is made in a different form in the birth chart of women and men. Four conditions are considered important for making this yoga.

1- The man should be born in the day and the woman should be born in the night.

2- The man should be born in an odd ascendant and the woman should be born in the even Lagna.

3- Sun in odd sign in men's chart. Be in equal amount in a woman's chart.

4 - Lunar men are in odd zodiac signs. While the woman is born in even moon zodiac sign.

The native-born in these situations undoubtedly lives like a king.

Why is Mahabhagya Yoga special?

The biggest thing behind this yoga is that all the ascendant point in the same direction(Lagna/sun/moon charts). The biggest rule of astrology works behind it, which is known as Sudarshan Siddhanta. These rules are the reason for this yoga to be fruitful. That is why it is also special. According to this rule, when any fruit is provided based on the three Ascendants, then that fruit is obtained.
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You must be familiar with Mrs. Indira Gandhi. She became the third Prime Minister of India. And the first woman was the Prime Minister. She is known as the Iron Lady of India.

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