The first step in beginning to understand what marketing  is defining the concept. Marketing is a word from the English language despite its intrinsicity in world culture.

In English, market means merca and marketing can be translated as marketing or marketing, which is, ultimately, a study of the causes, objectives and results that are generated through the different ways in which we deal with the market.

Marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to meet the needs of a profitable target market. Marketing identifies unmet needs and wants. It defines, measures and quantifies the size of the identified market and the potential profit. ” - Philip Kotler

According to the American Marketing Association, the definition of the term is as follows: “Marketing is an activity, a set of institutions and processes to create, communicate, deliver and change offers that have value for consumers, customers, associates and societies in general. "

In other words, Marketing is a series of strategies, techniques and practices that have the main objective of adding value to certain brands or products in order to attribute greater importance to a certain target audience, consumers.

Those who believe that Marketing is only intended to sell something are deceived. This concept delves into everything that involves this process, such as the production, logistics, marketing and post-sale of the product / service.

What are the 4p's of marketing?

Also known as Marketing mix or Marketing Mix and these are the variables that will dictate and influence the way your strategies should be assembled and also how they will act in the way the market responds to your investments.

Now you know the characteristics of the four P’s:

and promotion.

Well explanatory point. Regarding the heat and how the product will be charged to the customer. In addition to defining the value, other points such as how it will be charged and other strategies around the form of payment are addressed.


It refers to the location where your product will be marketed and the distribution channels of a product to the final consumer.

This point can be a bit confusing when we analyze the context of an e-commerce, since it is located on the internet and can be delivered anywhere in the world (depending on the logistics of each business).


This point is important because it makes clear what are the characteristics of the product or service that your company is making available in the market, in addition to the processes of its supply chain. It also helps define and change it.


Simple, this last point refers to the strategies that will be used for the dissemination of the product or service. It is where advertising and communications come in. In the next link you can continue learning about the concept of promotion in marketing.

4 p's of marketing
It is important to understand that, despite being very important, the marketing mix is ​​only a model to better classify marketing activities, but can never limit them.

A good marketing professional must understand how these work in order to extract their principles and apply them to other scenarios.


What are the types of business marketing?

Business marketing has managed to become one of the most relevant tools of any company, regardless of the sector. Marketing is presented as the best way to reach the desired audience and make the services or products offered by the company much more interesting and attractive to customers.

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The main objective of business marketing is to increase sales of the company and retain those customers who have trusted the company. For this, it is necessary to follow a series of techniques and strategies that adapt to both the tastes and needs of customers. But what are the types of business marketing that exist?

Main types of business marketing

There are many types of business marketing, so it would be difficult to mention all of them. Below you will find a list that includes the main types of business marketing, those that are most relevant. And you all need to learn marketing because that will allow you to reach a greater number of clients:

Strategic marketing

Strategic marketing seeks to carry out actions with long-term results, facing the future of the company. The priority objective of this type of business marketing is to be able to define actions to be able to implement strategies that increase profits and reduce the use of resources.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing has become very important in the last five years. It is focused on the online or digital world. The use of the Internet has expanded in a overwhelming way, hence it is not surprising that digital marketing techniques such as SEO are increasingly used by companies to position themselves in the top positions in search engines such as Google.

Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix is ​​possibly the best known of all. It is also known as 4P marketing: product, price, promotion and distribution (in English: Price, Product, Placement, Promotion), key variables for any company. It seeks to adapt to the needs of customers in all the fundamental aspects that consumers usually take into account before deciding to buy a product or contract a service.

Operational Marketing

Also known as short-term marketing, operational marketing is marketing that takes place over a period of less than a year. Carry out specific actions using the variables used in the Marketing Mix: product, price, distribution and promotion. It is responsible for both the development and the execution of a series of actions and tactics that seek to achieve the proposed objective.

Green Marketing

In recent years, awareness of the environment has grown by many citizens from all corners of the world. This has led to the appearance of green marketing, through which products and services that have been designed or created to preserve and care for our environment are promoted.

Social marketing

Social marketing is aided by strategies aimed at promoting social works or strategies that seek to promote well-being in any kind of environment or community. In many occasions, social marketing is linked to the commercialization of a service or product, but it is not always the case, since on other occasions they are considered merely as "social works".

Neuro marketing

Neuro marketing is one of the types of business marketing that has been giving the most talk in recent times, since it usually gets very good results. Marketing combined with neuroscience analyzes the behavior of the human brain in the face of different advertising stimuli that are presented to them in order to create strategies based on these behaviors.

we believe that marketing is one of the most important tools for companies of all kinds to promote the sale of their services and products, so having qualified professionals who can carry out this task in a company is vital. 

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