Everyone in the programming world is aware of JavaScript. MEAN is just an extension of JavaScript used to develop faster and dynamic web applications for today’s fast developing world. The acronym MEAN was coined by Valeri Karpov, who introduced this term in his blog in 2013. MEAN is an acronym for:

- MongoDB.
- ExpressJS.
- AngularJS.
- NodeJS.

From front end to backend, it is completely based on JavaScript. Mean stack development has become the industry trend today. The world is adapting to new technologies and MEAN STACK is one of the fastest growing and fast performing web application environments. All the technologies are based on a single language i.e. JAVASCRIPT. So, you don’t have to deal with a separate server side and a client side language. All the work can be done with a single language.

In the following write up, you will understand why MEAN STACK DEVELOPMENT or MEAN STACK DEVELOPER profile has become today’s trend in web application development.

How To Get Started?
Prerequisites To Learn Mean stack Development?
Consider development of a complete web application with Mean Stack, you should have a sound knowledge of following things:

- HMTL-5.
- CSS-3 & frameworks.
- JavaScript.
- TypeScript.


Currently JAVASCRIPT is used by 94.5% websites. As a client side language, it allows developer to improve the interactivity of the front end. There can be no modern applications without JavaScript.

For the backend purpose, NodeJs is a part where server side scripting is possible with JavaScript. It executes the JavaScript code efficiently through Google V8 JavaScript engine.

JS simplifies development of complicated web applications by allowing developers to simplify the application’s composition.

Origin Of Mean Stack Technologies
How They Came Into Existence?

- MongoDb

MongoDB is a schemaless NoSQL database system. It is written in C++. It provides optimum performance by saving data in binary JSON format in a key-value pair. This kind of data can be easily processed and passed between server and client. It is easy for developers to learn and use. It provides all the capabilities needed to meet and serve the most complex requirements. It also avoids the table structure of relational databases which provide a great ease in data integration for many faster applications.

A document in MongoDB is similar to an object in OOPS. At any time, if we wish to include a new field to the MongoDB, it does not require updating the entire table. With this database you can develop an entire application with just one language i.e. JAVASCRIPT. MongoDb is preferred because of its ability to handle large amount of data with any compromise on loss or data access.

- ExpressJS

Also known as EXPRESS, it is a web application framework for NodeJS basically used for building web applications and APIs. It a flexible and light server framework used for building variety of web applications. Development of ExpressJS has been heavily influenced from Sinatra- A popular Ruby framework. It is lightweight, but still provides excellent error handling functionalities to support your coding adventures.

- AngularJS

There is no major difference as such between these two terms. In simple words, the term ANGULAR is used to define all the version upgrade that came after ANGULARJS. The only major difference is that

1) ANGULARJS is based on MODEL-VIEW-CONTROLLER design. In ANGULAR, the components like controllers and $scope were replaced by components and directives.

2) It is written in JavaScript whereas ANGULAR is written in Microsoft’s TypeScript language which is a superset of ECMASCRIPT6 [ES6].

It is considered one of the top languages today and a core part of MEAN STACK DEVELOPER profile.

- NodeJS

This is a part of MEAN STACK which allows developers to create web servers and build web applications on it. It is a server side scripting language based n JavaScript. It is a lightweight application preferred for data driven real time dynamic applications. It executes JS code outside the browser. Node.js allows developers use JavaScript to write command line code used for server-side scripting—running server-side scripts to produce dynamic web page content before sending it to the client. It also unifies the server side and client side into a single language i.e. JavaScript.

Mean Stack Architecture

- For a start, a request is made by the client through AngularJS.
- This request then moves to NodeJS where it is parsed for processing.
- Now comes ExpressJS which MongoDB to get or set the data.
- MongoDB will retrieve the data requested by ExpressJS and returns it.
- NodeJS then returns the request to the client.
- Finally, at the front end AngularJS will display the requested data.

Who Can Become A Mean Stack Developer?

We can say, ANYONE can do it. It all depends on how good you are at programming. If not, then how much you desire and motive yourself to learn. Programming is tough. For many it is easy. Still, it is not a cup of tea for everyone. If you wish to see yourself as a programming expert, you can learn mean stack. To be precise, what’s needed to become a programming expert?

- Good logical understanding.
- Will to accept failure and building on mistakes.
- Developing a language understanding with foundational knowledge.
- Education wise, there is not certain qualification as such.
- Any graduate or a diploma holder having the profile knowledge is good to be hired.

Eventually, you just need to have a quality to get the job done for your employer. For that, you need mastery. If you are good at what you do, progress is definitely good.

Skills Needed To Become A Mean Stack Developer?

It is eventually a fact that Mean Stack in itself is a complete system. A system which consists of both the backend scripting a well as the front end display processing. So, a MEAN STACK developer is expected to master both:

- The front end &
- The back end.

What other qualities are expected in a MEAN stack Developer:

- A sound knowledge of HTML, CSS.
- Knowledge of programming frameworks and the related architecture.
- Knowledge of web development is a must.
- Good understanding of DATABASE architecture.

Future Of Mean Stack

Mean stack is a very challenging profile. It consists of 4 top technologies which are predicted to take over the maximum share in web development. It is a very challenging ask to fulfil. So, if you are interested in defining yourself as a MEAN STACK DEVELOPER, you must have a very diverse skill set and understanding of various coding languages. The future is bright. OBVIOUSLY.

Giants like OYO, POLICY BAZAAR, GOIBIBO, PAYTM & FLIPKART are using MEAN STACK as their development tool.
Also, international enterprises like NETFLIX, GROUPON, WALMART, eBAY, UBER have already implemented MEAN STACK technologies to make their online platforms faster.
Biggest name: GOOGLE.
Google Pay is based on ANGULARJS.

- The future of web development is MEAN STACK.
- Huge NODEJS library and use of JSON for data transfer.
- Strong & supportive online community.
- A single language for front end as well as back end processing aka JAVASCRIPT.
- It allows developers to switch from one framework to another. The code will still function exactly as intended. ISOMORPHIC.
- Supports MVC architecture.

- Loss of records while network partitioning in heavy load scenario.
- Expressjs has poor isolation of server from business logic and hence it prevents the reuse of certain services like batching operations.
- Not able to beat the power or RELATIONAL DATABASE yet.

How To Approach Learning Mean Stack Development?

The coding world today is mostly working with JavaScript and related frameworks. To become a sound Mean Stack developer, you have to learn JavaScript. Following steps would prove effective in learning:

- Learn Front End Development

You have to master front end development. Unless you have a great and appealing user interface, you cannot expect to grow business. For this, you need have a superb website UI. Developing this involves getting the designs made from expert graphic designers. This design is them implemented in a web page with the help of front end developers. Front end developers are supposed to create responsive web design for ever mobile device. Today’s world is a mobile world. Maximum traffic is going to come from mobile devices. So, the website must be mobile responsive and should have faster loading speed.

- Basic & Advanced JavaScript

It is the language of today. You know nothing about programming, if you do not know JavaScript. For becoming a Mean Stack Developer, this becomes a primary requirement. You should start learning JavaScript alongside front end development. This will help you with how basically it is implemented a client side scripting language. Once you are familiar with the basics, you can easily get your understanding developed for Angular.

- Get used to Develop and Experiment

There is nothing better than a code which everybody can understand. We are talking about generating clean and reusable code. This is possible only when you have clear view of what you want to achieve. A task can be achieved with 100 lines of cade as well as 20 lines of code. It depends, on how good you are with your logic. Developing this logic needs experimentation. Play with the code, make mistakes, analyse them and correct them and understand the errors. These errors should not get repeated.

- It is MEAN but surely it is GREAT

You have to master 4 technologies here. Dive deep in all four; alongside develop knowledge on APIs creation and use. It is a long topic compared to many other technologies, but the rewards are high as well. If you master MEAN STACK DEVELOPMENT, you can easily improve yourself to become a FULL STACK DEVELOPER.

To Conclude

Every programming is tough & easy. It depends on how you see it and how hard you work on the related details. If you are willing to learn it and wish to make a career out of it, then only go for it. Half-hearted efforts are never successful anywhere. For becoming a Mean Stack Developer, you need to give time to learn. Duration of around 4 months is a must to get an idea of how MEAN STACK DEVELOPMENT works. It is a longer duration, but worth the dedication. In the end, you will find the most in-demand career profile ready for you to jump in. Cheers to CODING.

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