VoIP and mobile application are most audible terms these days. Tech savvy people love the features offered by both, VoIP and different Mobile Applications. The best amalgamation seen for these two powerful technologies is Mobile SIP dialer. It is also known as Mobile SIP Dialer, Dialer application, and many other short names such as Dialers. The Mobile SIP dialer is a mobile application which uses different SIP protocols for communication purpose. There are many open source dialers available in the market such as Linphone, Zoiper, etc. These dialers are absolutely free to use. However, if you want to leverage some brand benefits, then you can use a white label mobile SIP dialer.

What Is White Label Mobile SIP dialer?

The white label mobile SIP dialer is a customized dialer application which will have the look and feel of your Brand. To be specific, it will have unique screen layouts, themes, and your Brand identity such as Logo. Thus, it will look like your own entity. There are a few companies which offer white label Mobile SIP dialers. However, you have to choose VoIP dialer app development company wisely because it is not a normal mobile application. It is a very specific mobile application which is blended with VoIP technology. There are different VoIP related settings need to be done very carefully to make it work appropriately.

Now, let's jump into the details of why you should get the Mobile SIP dialer?

There are many reasons for that. Let's explore the key reasons for the same:

Advanced Communication Features

The SIP or Mobile SIP dialer application gives advanced communication features compared to other traditional communication alternatives. This makes it a perfect fit for the business and enterprises. This will help to create a strong communication environment in between team members as well as it will create an excellent image in front of your clients, prospects and vendors. To give you a highlight, below are key features of the Mobile SIP dialers:

• Audio calls
• Calling features such as hold, resume, call transfer, etc.
• Multiple call management
• Chat
• Conference call
• Address Book Integration
• Image sharing
• File sharing
• Call History
• And many more

Cost Benefits

As a businessman, the major concern is always returns over investment. The investment in the VoIP dialer would be the best investment ever for you. The upfront cost benefits will be a reduction in the communication cost. An app to app call is absolutely free. So your staff and all other business entities to which you have given the dialer app can leverage free calling benefits. The calling rates are cheaper for VoIP compared to TDM. The dialer app uses the VoIP calling so this will make international calling very cheap which further gains the cost benefits. The white label dialer app will give Brand benefits in the long term which will further benefit the enterprise monetarily.

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