Every person sometimes experiences this dilemma in life of deciding that whether the property they own should be rented out or sold out to another buyer. This is similarly seen in Malaysia, where owners are confused as to what they should do with the property they own? There are some factors that are directly linked that how a property performs in the market in the unforeseeable future. First amongst these are the expenses that are needed for maintenance and taking care of the operational costs. Any owner should calculate this amount carefully so as to be sure that can they carry on to take care of the property in the future too or is getting away with the same should be the right answer.

Any person, who owns a property in real estate Malaysia, must make sure that will they be able to cover the expenses of the property on a long term basis by giving the same on lease to a tenant. These costs include the maintenance of the building, the fixing of facilities that may have worn not like leaking ceilings, damaged woodwork, plumbing issues, renovations or more. The owner should have enough money to resolve all such issues before searching for a tenant. As no one would like to live in a place which is left untreated. Only then should the owner decide to rent this property to someone.

Apart from these repair and maintenance expenses, then are the fees for the agent who is involved if any owner wishes to sell the property. The cost also includes the legal fees, stamp duty for the documents and more that are ardent for transfer of ownership in a new name. Every person thinks that selling a property is a sure shot way of making a huge profit. But, this very much depends on the current market conditions.

Currently real estate malaysia is on a boom, and analysts see that it’s the best time to buy or sell properties here. The seller should first figure out that what the purchase price of the property was when they bought. Also, they should research well that what the current market price is for such types of properties. An owner should never take a decision in haste. The fluctuations in the market price are very rapid and vary almost on a daily basis.

If an owner thinks it’s not the right time to sell, then giving a property on lease can at least assure a fixed monthly income from the tenants. But, this should be done only after calculating the monthly cash flow and the amount one needs to settle the investment loan taken against the property. If there is not enough margin between the extra incomes then its best to sell the property rather than keeping the same as a no profit- no loss ownership.

Also, the owner should carefully think and research about the future of the area where the property is located in Malaysia. If it’s at the property hotspots like KL or mudah penang then the price are bound to appreciate. But if it’s in an area that may see no new growth in the near future then expecting the price to go higher in near future is not feasible. In the end, it’s the individual condition of an owner that judges whether the property should be rented or sold. Just being little careful, calculative and judgmental can help in taking the right decision at the right time.

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