Conferencing solution and its benefits are well known to almost everyone. There are many conferencing service providers which offer the conferencing service based on the pay as you go model. The conferencing solution has many features to benefit its users and empower the business communication. In this article, we will learn about an advanced level conferencing system, which is more commonly known as the multi tenant conferencing solution. There are many people who understand what a conferencing solution is, but they are not really sure about what a multi tenant conferencing solution is. If you are one of them, just do not worry, in this article, we are going to learn about the multi tenant conferencing solution in detail.

What is a multi tenant conferencing solution?

It is a type of conferencing software which comes with more advanced features than the conferencing solution. Moreover, it provides a function to create a tenant. The tenant can have his / her own conferencing solution with a predefined set of features. The tenant conferencing system can have some or all features available in the main multi tenant conferencing solution.

The multi tenant conferencing solution is a software which can be used remotely. It comes with a web based panel access so the participants or the users of this conferencing system don’t need to download or install any software, plug-in or application. They can access it and use it via any web browser. Almost all multi tenant conferencing solutions are responsive, it means it can be accessed and used from any device or browser. This makes it more user friendly.

The multi tenant conferencing solution comes with a wide array of features. Let me share a list of key features available in the multi tenant conferencing solution:

• Tenant support
• Audio call
• Video call
• Web call
• Chat
• Teleconferencing
• User mute
• User unmute
• User removal from a live conference
• Private PIN based conference
• Public conference
• One way conference
• Many to many conference
• Screen sharing
• File sharing
• Raise hand
• Conference recording and playback
• Play name on entering a conference
• Entry chime
• Exit chime
• Blacklisting
• Whitelisting
• Greenroom
• Dial out participant
• Polling
• Active speaker display
• Conference scheduler
• Email or SMS notification
• Live conference view
• Reports
• And more

The multi tenant conferencing solution can be available in multiple languages if one needs to cater customers in different countries.

Generally, the multi tenant conferencing solutions are easy to use as they are developed by keeping best UI UX in mind. The clear GUI based system makes it easy to use and manage. Almost all operations can be performed via the main GUI based conferencing system. There are no extra changes needed in it.

The multi tenant conferencing solution can support multiple conferences in parallel and each conference can have multiple participants. The maximum possible number of participants and features vary from provider to provider.

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Author works in a company that offers a multi tenant conferencing solution, class 4 softswitch solution, hosted PBX system, etc.