NAD+ decreases in our bodies by half in our 40s and to just 1% by the time we’re 80.

It is crucial for us to survive and without it, we wouldn’t be able to live - it is as important as oxygen.

Unfortunately, today’s modern-day lifestyle destroys your NAD+ levels through the consumption of junk food, sedentary lifestyles and drinking alcohol.

NAD+ can be found in small doses from green vegetables, fish & meat.

We also produce it when we exercise, restrict our calories and even through fasting.

You can also boost your NAD+ levels via its precursor NMN - they are cousins of the same family - you need NMN to make NAD+.

When you supplement with NAD+ or NMN, it can mimic the effects of calorie restriction, exercise and fasting which is why many people have noticed a decrease in hunger when supplementing.

It helps support our mitochondria and this is important because our mitochondria are the batteries of all our cells.

A child will have more energy than an elderly person for this main reason: they have more mitochondria in their bodies and it is functioning in its optimal state.

Here at BioTech Life Sciences , we have been able to create a formula of both NAD+ and NMN with a purity level above 99% that is safe and effective.

The main difference between the two?

Customers have felt more of an impact physically with NMN and more so mentally with NAD+.

Customers have told us that their aches and pains have reduced, energy has increased to the levels of when they were in their youth and sleep is more restful.

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