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Most successful people have had a coach guiding them on their path towards achieving what they wanted. People such as Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfery and even Eleanor Roosevelt had coaches. Nuero Linguistic programming (NLP) coaching is about giving you personal power and equipping you with the right tools for modelling excellence and reaching success. It also helps you master authority over your mind, thoughts and emotions by giving you control of your present state and how you might react to future events. Most important NLP coaching helps you get rid of stored up past negative emotions that get carried into your current relationships, job, communication style, confidence, attitude, mental health and future achievements.

So what sets one successful person who made it against all odds apart from someone else who has it all and can never reach what they want? It is called ‘State’ these people were in control of their mental state that no matter how many obstacles jumped in front of them, they had the attitude to push through. In NLP they find out exactly what mental strategy and thought processes these people used to achieve great things and then teach and instill it within a clients.

Unlike conventional therapy where the client lives in the past and dwells on the ‘Why’ Asking questions like “Why does this always happen to me?” “Why was my child hood so messed up?” “ Why do I always end up in a toxic relationship?” NLP coaches are not interested in the ‘Why’ of the problem, but focus on ‘What’ is the problem? ‘What’ is stopping you? and ‘How’ will you get to where you want to be? We only care about the steps and mental state you need to achieve to become better. We don’t wallow on the past, but are always looking towards the future. NLP coaching produces super fast results, and getting rid of something like a trauma can be achieved in as little as twenty minutes.

NLP coaching could be for you

Do you have big dreams and don’t know where to start?

Is the fear of failure holding you back?

Do you have a feeling that you deserve more in life? Such as career change, a loving relationship, vital health, weight loss, more confidence and have no idea where to begin?

At times do you wish that you had more confidence to communicate exactly what you wanted?

Do you freeze up and panic every time your boss asks you to give a presentation to a group of people?

Are you lacking in motivation and feel uninspired?

Do you have a fear, phobia or a past trauma that’s effecting your life?

Are you having trouble motivating staff and know that they are capable of achieving more results?

Do you want to find out the secret recipe to success?

Is it difficult to let go of some events from the past?

Do you sometimes feel that your chest is heavy with worry as you get out of bed each morning?

NLP coaching has all the tools to help you reach potential you never thought possible. Some people have even called these tools magic when they were on the receiving end of change, but we won’t get ahead of ourselves but simply say that with NLP we believe that the magic is in you. As NLP coaches we don’t believe that people are broken and need to be fixed, but rather they have learned negative patterns that can be unlearned. It is our job to help them unleash these tools that are already inside them.

So what is so special about NLP coaching in comparison to conventional coaching?

NLP coaching adds a little more value as throughout your coaching sessions you will be taught valuable NLP tools that you are able to keep for the rest of your life! Having these tools at your disposal will give you personal power to be your own coach. You will then be able to take charge of your life and desired state when and where you want.


Presuppositions of NLP
Rapport Building
Sensory acuity
Fast phobia/trauma model
Anchoring your desired state
Goal setting
Communications model (Meta and Milton model)
Swish Pattern
Time Line Therapy®
Negotiation Model
How does it work?

The NLP coach and client may meet up once a week or fortnight either face to face or through telephone communication. Their relationship could continue for as short or as long as the client needs. Usually six months maximum as NLP is about fast results, and the main goal of the coach is to get the client to have total independence and master the skills they have been taught. The last thing a top rate coach would like to have is a dependant client, as they often have in conventional therapy. The coach will usually give a task to the client to do (such as writing 500 words of ways their life will be better) before the initial meeting in order to see how committed they are towards making changes. The coach will also give the client a task in regards to their goals at the end of each session. A good coach will not let the client get off if a task had not completed without a legitimate reason and may even refuse to see the client until they complete the task. Finally it is 100% responsibility of the client to maximise their results as the coach acts only as a tour guide.

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Main Areas: Training and development, Life coaching, Personal & Professional Achievement; Empowerment; Sales Training; Neurolinguistic Programming
Career Focus: Trainer, Speaker, Writer
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Rana Kordahi is a qualified NLP practitioner, life coach and learning and development trainer. She has a proven track record in advising, training and coaching thousands of people who were seeking life change.

She is the founder and Director of Employment Services Training and Limitlessminds .

Employment Services Training - specialise in delivering training packages to personnel who work within the Employment Services Industry both in the UK and Australia.

Limitlessminds - Focuses on life coaching the individual using NLP based resources and methods.

Rana truly believes in human potential and enjoys watching and guiding people grow, succeed and create the life they deserve.

"Personal success doesn't have much to do with talent and everything to do with focus" Rana Kordahi