Numerology uses numbers to determine the nature of a person, his personal natural talents, strengths and weaknesses. This is a simple and affordable method of understanding the depths of the human person, based on the intuitive abilities of the mind.

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A numerologist should be able to ignore his own "I", then he will be able to fully devote himself to studying the characteristics of the character of other people. In order to effectively use his intuition, he needs to learn to control himself, to remain calm and impartial. The art of numerology will teach you endurance, patience, awareness, and your own experience will give the numerologist more knowledge than any book. The information you can find in textbooks only opens the windows of the mind. But everyone will have to master and comprehend this information independently. Indeed, the information in itself is not knowledge yet, so that information becomes knowledge requires direct experience, experiment. Numerology is easy and pleasant to study, it is fascinating - like any other art. In the process of studying, you will always move from one interesting topic to another.

Numerology is a certain system, a technique that allows you to combine microcosm with the macrocosm. With the accumulation of experience, the numerologist begins to comprehend the influence of celestial bodies on the way of thinking of a person, his behavior. Its main task is to establish a relationship between them.

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For the numerologist, the planets are an embodiment of human nature, and thanks to the science of numbers, he (or she) can observe all the details of their space game. Those who do not believe and do not want to notice the influence of celestial and astral bodies on a person, deprive themselves of the opportunity to see this game. For such skeptics, planets are just objects of distant outer space that are not related to human psychology, thinking, and character traits. Similar people are deaf to any form of a prediction. But if you are ready to spend time and energy studying the numerology, if you have the patience, then you will be able to comprehend its secrets and learn a lot from what will guide the thoughts and consciousness of future generations.

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The purpose of numerology, the goal of working with numbers is the conservation of energy, its rational use. People who begin to act without knowing when it would be better and more correct to do this, spend extra energy, make mistakes. Numerology helps to understand how to choose a good time, how to build relationships with partners, how to choose the right and more suitable place for certain actions, thus preserving the energy balance.

It is also important to remember not to use numerology to control and suppress other people. You should not manipulate the acquired knowledge in order to enrich yourself - this will only lead to stress, psychological stress, while a disinterested approach will help improve karma.

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