Pelvic inflammatory disease refers to reverse infection in the female pelvic reproductive organs and pelvic peritoneum. When the infection travels from uterus and bilateral fallopian tubes to the pelvic cavity, then it is called pelvic inflammatory disease.

Experts point out that about 30% to 55% of the infected cases are caused by some microbial strains, such as aerobic bacteria (streptococcal infection, escherichia coli, etc.), pseudomonas aeruginosa (streptococcal infection, digestion and absorption streptococcal infection, etc.) and mycoplasma hominis. These types of microbe are usually associated with bacterial vaginosis.

Clinical medicine shows that most of the causes of pelvic inflammatory disease are related to the infection after the birth of a baby and the poor female menstrual hygiene. Pelvic inflammatory disease is divided into the acute one and the chronic one. For patients with acute pelvic inflammatory, since the disease is easy to be detected, so timely treatment is very critical. In most cases, this type of disease can be easily healed or improved.

And chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is not very obvious under normal circumstances, which is easy to be ignored and often cause disease delayed. Studies have found that chronic pelvic inflammatory disease can be caused by the delayed treatment and the failure of thoroughly curing acute pelvic inflammatory disease.

For patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, the main symptoms include abdominal pain, lumbosacral pain, menstrual disorders and leucorrhea, and other conditions. After long-time failure of treating the disease, it will be more and more serious, which can lead to salpingitis and further lead to adhesion and blockage in the fallopian tubes. In this case, female ability to conceive will be deeply affected.

Serious pelvic inflammatory disease can affect pregnancy and lead to infertility. They may have salpingitis, blocked fallopian tubes, pelvic inflammatory disease and other inflammations as the same time. In this situation, don' panic and they should go to the hospital for timely treatment. Female friends should follow the doctor's advice and do not disorderly take antibiotics, to prevent pathogens from causing drug resistance and other bad symptoms that are harmful for female pregnancy.

In general, female friends are suggested to take Fuyan Pill to improve their pelvic health and relieve pain. It can effectively treat pelvic inflammatory disease and other inflammations in female body after a long-term medication. Besides, to better improve female health, they should pay more attention to personal hygiene and make a health diet plan.

For women who want to have a child, pelvic inflammatory disease must be treated in time and completely. The inflammation can do a great harm to the fallopian tubes if left untreated. During treatment, female friends should ensure enough sleep time and always keep a positive mindset. Having a good body condition can help you conceive easily.

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