Pages 23-25 from my book Pathways to Wholeness

All positive thought is based on the principles of unconditional love
and by definition, contains the following ingredients:
1. Positive intention
2. Positive content
3. Positive outcome for self, others, and for all life in general
Why is positive thought important? A thought is pure energy and
therefore has a life of its own. Once the thought is formed, it drifts into
an unseen current and becomes part of a universal collective of thought
that affects life not only today, but throughout all time. If you think
about all the thoughts that have been created since the birth of mankind,
it is easy to see how collective thought is so ingrained with negativity.
The best way I know how to explain the impact of negative thought
is to share my dream with you. It is not about the collective thought of
mankind, but about the effect of positive thought on each of us. My
dream was spiritual instruction concerning my life, but the dream was
so visual and dynamic I have chosen to share it with you. It is self-explanatory
as well as thought-provoking. I leave you to create your
own use for the wisdom you find within the dream.
I woke up after a “dream” this morning with a whole different
understanding of the essential nature of positive thought. The dream
was about the fundamental building blocks of our lives … positive
thought. I experienced a small brick structure, maybe a square or a
pyramid, being built, crumbling and then being rebuilt. This chain of
events happened three times.

I watched the first structure being built. One brick after another floated
over and settled into place, and the small structure took shape. Before
the structure was completed, it started to decay and crumble from the
bottom up, and the structure caved in upon itself. I remembered
thinking (maybe being told silently) those bricks were negative bricks. I
experienced only focus and clarity as I watched. There was no emotion.
I was a witness to an event. I was being taught.
Then the second structure began to be built in the same way. I saw no
hands or people placing the bricks. The bricks just began forming a
structure. This time the bricks were different. Some had a negative
charge. Some represented neutral thoughts. Other bricks represented
mild to moderately positive thoughts. There was an occasional positive
brick. Just like the first structure, it began to crumble from the
foundation up, with the structure crumbling in on itself before it was
completed. Some bricks just broke apart. Others literally turned a
powdery color, softened and crumbled.
Once again the bricks began to form a structure. This time the bricks
were all positive bricks. As the bricks were placed and the structure began
to take shape, it appeared solid and strong. For the first time the structure
was complete. The corners of the structure were sharp as the bricks fit
together perfectly. It stood there … just a small brick structure with a nice
solid shape … perfectly formed. I felt myself think … this is solid and
strong and it is going to remain solid and strong. It will endure. It is a
positive structure made from positive thought, and it will endure.
I knew instinctively that the structures being built were me. Each brick
falling into place and forming each of the structures represented one of
my thoughts … a part of me. I am the solid and enduring structure when
thoughts create it, and the solid structure was me. I was allowed to
experience being it. The negative bricks caused decay and destruction.
The neutral ones were not strong enough to prevent the demise of the
structure (me). I was given the understanding that success and perma -
nence only come from building everything from the ground up with
bricks of essential positive thought. Bricks of essential positive thought
are a beautiful brick color, solid and strong. They stay solid and strong
even when the elements in the environment are negative and destructive.
My understanding of positive thought and energy went from intellectual
to experiential because the “dream” was an experiential dream. I now

have “gut level” knowledge. I felt the communicated wisdom in my
whole self … every cell. The bricks represented MY thoughts. The
structures built were representative of MY body. I am strong ONLY
when I am positive. I saw this. I understand how this works.
And as I lay appreciating the gift I had been given, I realized how
profound this message was. I felt, experienced, the message in my heart,
mind and body. I was meant to grow and learn. I understood some of
the highly personal reasons the experience was given to me … other
intentions I am yet to discover.
While I have always thought of myself as a positive person, I came
away from the “dream” with the understanding that some of my basic
constructs aren’t so positive after all. If something is positive for me or
is a basic spiritual principle, it represents the expression of pure
unconditional love. It reflects the perfect wholeness of the divine
intention for my life. The more positive my thought, my behavior and
my decisions, the closer I am to my divine purpose.
Dream for a moment. What would the world look like if each of us
lived one day at a time filled with positive thoughts? What if we built
our structures and they remained solid and strong throughout our lives?

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