PRP means Platelet-rich Plasma; is an element of blood. This element is separated from the blood of a patient to induce the healing process in the area where it is injected. Plasma is the biggest component of anyone’s blood, and it contains the unique healing proteins which help the blood in clotting in promoting cell growth and healing a wound or injury. There are many things for which PRP therapy is used, like removing wrinkles from the face, improving the condition of muscle and joints, healing a wound, and also for PRP hair treatment in Lahore.

Plasma is separated from the blood by putting it in the centrifuge and concentrating it. PRP therapy is ideal if you want to help your tissues grow new and healthy cells, which promotes healing of the tissues. The reason for this is that tissue growth is more concentrated via the prepared PRP injections, leading to faster healing.

What are the uses of PRP injections?

As mentioned above, PRP is useable in many instances. Some of these instances are:

  1. Hair loss: the most popular PRP injection application is to increase hair growth and make the hair healthy. The best thing about using PRP for hair treatment is that PRP can prevent hair loss and baldness. It can even prevent androgenic and pattern baldness. Another fantastic thing about PRP is that PRP hair treatment cost in Pakistan is very affordable. So, anyone can get this treatment to cure hair issues.
  2. Tendon injuries: as everyone knows, the tendon is the tough band of tissue that connects the bone to the muscles. If the ligament gets injured, they leave the bone and muscles get separated, and they also heal slowly, but if PRP injection is used to heal them, they recover more quickly. PRP can even cure chronic tendon issues like Achilles tendonitis and tennis elbow.
  3. Postsurgical fixing: sometimes, after the surgery, PRP injections are used to heal the torn tendons or cells which get damaged during the surgery (such as rotator cuff tendons in the shoulder or the anterior cruciate ligaments). These injections can make a difference when it comes to healing of surgical cuts and injuries. PRP is a famous healer among such surgeries.
  4. Osteoarthritis: the orthopedic surgeons often use PRP treatment to fix the arthritis patients’ knees and other joints. However, PRP cost for osteoarthritis is more expensive than the prp hair treatment cost in Karachi because it requires more plasma and more sessions of therapy than the hair treatment. PRP is more effective for arthritis patients than hyaluronic acid injections, which has been used for many years.
  5. Sports injuries: athletes can’t take proper rests or take leaves in the sports season if they face an injury or muscle problem. Because their game is dependent upon their performance, and they can’t abandon it. In such cases, PRP treatment proves to be very useful because they kick start the healing process and heal the injured areas quicker than ever. PRP can be used in many sports injuries such as knee sprains, twisted ankles, pulled hamstrings, or leg cramps. PRP treatment proves as a faster and safer solution for treating injuries and wounds.

How is PRP injection prepared?

Creating a PRP injection is the easiest and the most straightforward medical thing ever. The process of creating a PRP injection goes like this:

  • Blood (as required) is extracted from the arm of the patient.
  • That blood is put into the centrifuge machine for extracting the plasma from the blood. This machine spins the blood at a fast speed to separate the components of the blood.
  • Once the machine is done spinning the blood, the plasma is filled in an injection.
  • That plasma is then injected into the recipient area of the patient’s body.

The therapy of PRP is entirely safe as there are no outside components involved in its process. There are also no side effects of this therapy, which means it is one of the most reliable yet successful-est treatments for healing the body in the medical world.

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Hassan Awan