Also known as Serenoa reopens, saw palmetto is a type of fan palm.

This plant thrives especially in Florida and is native to the southeastern United States. It is smaller than a palm tree but lookssimilar to it. In appearance, you can relate it to a shrub.

Once saw palmetto flowers, berries are produced, and these berries are what you will normally find available for sale.

This herb was first used by the Native Americans as a stimulant to help enhance a man's overall virility. It was believed to help cure impotency, enhance fertility, increase sex drive, and eventreat urinary tract issues.
It was usually combined with pumpkin seeds and nettles in order toincrease its effectiveness. During Modern Times, this herb remained a popular medicinal substance in this country before being replaced by modern pharmaceuticals.
Saw palmetto is not only good for overall urinary tract health and prostate; it has also been found highly effective when it comes to increasing men's libido.
This made saw palmetto a popular herb to be used in many natural male enhancement supplements.

Furthermore, this herb also helps prevent premature balding. Researchers also believe that the herb might actually help prevent the growth of tumors that are associated with prostate cancer, however further research is required.

Saw palmetto is safe to use for most people. And if some individuals are toface any side effects, they will be very mild. The mild side effects may include headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. It is highly unlikely that you will suffer from all these side effects at once.
Furthermore, if you are taking blood thinning drugs then there is a possibility that saw palmetto will slow blood clotting.So, it is better to avoid it in such a case. Apart from this, there are no significant side effects of this herb.

The saw palmetto berry is available in many forms. The berries are sometimes cut and then sifted into aneven size. Another form includes powder, which is placed in capsules.

Furthermore, saw palmetto extract is also available. The extract comprises of a variety of sterols and fatty acids. It is generally thought of as a fluid extract that is createdvia a distilling process. Wild crafted versions as well as organic forms are also found.Wild crafted herbs are those that are collected from wild-growing plants.

Because of its powerful features, saw palmetto is used in many male enhancement supplements along with other natural ingredients.

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