Meaning Of Nafs

Nafs is an Arabic word happening in the Quran and income self, soul, ego or soul. In the Quran. The word is used in both the distinctive and collective sense too. Indicating that while humanity is amalgamated in possessing the assets of a "soul/nafs/awareness. It nasty they are individually accountable for training the activities of their "free will" that it delivers them.

Quran And The Word Nafs

In the Qur’an-e-Kareem the word nafs is used in two ways. The primary method that the term nafs is used is to designate our own-self. Some persons would interpret it in English as “self,” some people would interpret it in English as “soul.” An instance of this is when Allah Enormous says in the Quran: “And recall your GOD confidential yourself.

The True Muslims are a people who have been prohibited through the Quran from spoiling in the desires of this world; it comes amid them and what strength abolish them. The Muslim is like a convict in this world, who attempts to permit himself from its fetters and chains, insertion his faith in nothing in it, until the day he encounters his Maker. He sees full well that he is answerable for the whole thing that he catches, understands and says, and for all that he does with his body.

The another way the nafs has been rummage-sale in the Quran, which is fairly frequent, is that the nafs is denoting to an exact part of our personality and it is that part of our personality that has needs, taste, and some persons call it ego. It has annoyance, it has a desire, it has lust, wish, it has all these belongings.

Some people may smooth call it the fleshly self or the bodily soul. This nafs is not part of the spirit somewhat its part of the corporeal human being. So if we sought to say that we have some bodily part of our making, that is our body and our nafs and then Allah Enormous has also put privileged of ourselves an inner or spiritual part of our formation, that is our spirit. This nafs is part of our bodily self, even, however, it’s not the portion of our corporeal body.

A human’s soul is the act of a struggle of two rival powers. Heavenly power appeals him towards heavenly spheres and inspires him to acts of goodness. Satanic power tempts him towards realms of dark and disgrace and requests him to acts of evil. Once the godly forces are a champion, a person appears as a righteous and blessed existence, in the corporation of prophets, saints, and the devout. Once, though, the satanic forces rule, the person converts disobedient and spiteful and is gathered with infidels, autocrats, wrongdoers and those who are vexatious.

Types Of Nafs In Quran

There are three types of Nafs in Islam.


2.Nafs-e-Law was



So this refers to that nafs, that is presiding over the self. This means that the nafs instructions us and tells us what to do. So when the nafs has any wish, any want, any craving, it simply instructs us, it controls us. It is that nafs which is sovereign over a human being.

Nafs-e- Lawwam

Quran its orientation: Certainly the nafs that terribly instructions a being to do sin. lawwam, here means to self-incriminate, to self-reproach, to have the responsibility, to do malamute of oneself. So, this is that nafs that fixes sometimes transport a person to do sin, but then that nave self-implicates itself, it criticisms itself, it textures bad, it feels embarrassed.


mutma’in, [sense] they are gratified with the Instruction of Allah Almighty, there is nonentity else that makes them happy. [But such persons are] also responsibility what makes them content [because] this individual has been formed and qualified and self-controlled in such a way, that the only article that brands happy, that stretches it consolation, the only object that it is Muslim on, that it is gratified with, is what Allah Almighty is satisfied with and what Allah Enormous is happy with. So its heart’s gratified lies in that which Allah Enormous is happy and satisfied with.

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