Share of any company is a partial ownership of that company. A person who buy share of any company are called partial owner or share holder of that company.

Share Market:

Share market is a market or digital platform where shares are buying and sell. Share market is divided into three segments First one is "STOCK" or "EQUITY" Market, second one is "COMMODITY" Market, and third one is "CURRENCY" Market. Equity or Stock Market is further divided into three segments first one "STOCK CASH", Second one is "STOCK FUTURE", and third one is "STOCK OPTION”. Commodity Market is also divided into two segments first one is MCX (multi commodity exchange) Market and second one is NCDEX (national commodity and derivative exchange).

Exchange of Share market:-

There is two exchange of share market first one is NSE ( National Stock Exchange ) second one is BSE ( Bombay Stock Exchange ) NSE and BSE both are the benchmark where companies are listed their shares and this is the platform where any trader or investor can sell or buy the share.

Regulatory body of Share Market:-

There are two regulatory bodies of share market first one is SEBI (Security Exchange Board of India ) and the second one is RBI (Reserve Bank of India ) that regulate to share market. SEBI and RBI both regulate and control to share market.RBI mainly regulate the all Indian bank activities like repo rate, reverse repo rate, interest rate etc and SEBI control all activities of share market, its make guidelines to regulate Indian share market ie its control all activities of broker firm, Trader and investor activities and all advisories or research firm activities also control the activities of companies which are listed in share market .

How to start trading or investing in share market:

To start trading/ investing in share market trader should have trading a/c, and demat a/c. Any person can open this a/c through any bank or brokers firm. After that they can start trading or investing in share market according to their knowledge or they can also take help of any experience person or any well experienced advisor for Free Stock Tips | Free Intraday Tips | Share Tips Which Provide basic fundamental and technical support and guidance to take out best output.

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