To understand Social Media Optimization you need to understand what is Social media? Social media are websites and apps (Applications) that facilitate the creation and sharing of content. These platforms help you to participate in social networking. Social media includes famous networking websites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Blogs, Forum, etc are also part of social media. These websites and Apps are used for marketing; this process is called social media marketing.

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SMO or ‘Social Media Optimization’ is the process of optimizing a website so that it can be exposed online on various social media channels. Using SMO, you can optimize your web by creating awareness of your brand through social media sites, blogs, forums, online communities, etc. Joining social media sites, blogs, forum etc are an important part of SMO. The advantages of SMO are:-

Improve Backlinks: Posting and sharing content on social media sites, forums, blogs, etc. help in generating links and acquiring links. Since these links are organic and search engines give preference to organic links. So, it helps in getting better SEO position of your site.

Traffic: Posting and sharing content on social media sites, forums, blogs, etc. help in generating huge traffic. People get redirected by clicking on shared website links or they get aware of a website, brand, and services, simultaneously they visit your site for the same.

Website’s and Brand visibility: The shared contents, posts, blogs, etc. make people aware of your website and business. This visibility helps in generating more leads and getting an edge on competitors.

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Free Advertisement: Posting, Sharing content, talking about features of your business and services etc. are free on these social media sites and apps. You can target your potential customer using these contents and post. This is how it helps you to advertise your business for free.

Targeting Audience: On Social media sites and Apps, you can directly target your target audience based on their interest, age group, skills, etc. This helps you in sharing your product or service related offers and advertisement directly to your target audience.

Word of Mouth: On this platform, you can directly connect with your customer; your business can get rated by satisfied customers. You can resolve issues of unsatisfied customers. This help in generating good word of mouth from your customer. Satisfied customers share your post. Their shared post and their feedback influence other potential customers. It helps you in getting more leads from these platforms.

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