Solfeggio frequencies use certain tones that are widely used to address physical and mental health issues. Despite being one of the popular ways to calm and soothe your mind, this technique is quite a new term to even seasoned listeners.

The frequencies date back to the ancient Indian and Greek times when monks used to chant these sounds to produce a calming effect. It is believed that these chants result in spiritual blessings when they are chanted in harmony. The major goal behind reciting the Solfeggio frequencies is to ensure that your energy, mind, and body work in harmony and that there is a perfect balance between your spiritual and physical health.

The Solfeggio frequencies can also be defined as the singing exercise where certain syllables are being practiced rather than the texts. The six-toned frequencies are used for emotional, mental, physical, and psychological health. Let’s take a look at the common benefits of Solfeggio frequencies treatment in Mumbai.

· Alleviates Pain

The 174 HZ Solfeggio frequencies are developed for pain and soreness. They relieve your pain and ease your muscle tension. Once you start listening to these frequencies, you will get into a quiet-meditation zone where your body and mind will be relaxed. It will alleviate your pain and release muscle tension, thus promoting a calm feeling.

· Removes Fear and Guilt

The subconscious worries often lead to stress and anxiety. For some people, getting rid of this fear and anxiety becomes super challenging. Whether it is because of a past event or a medical condition, the 396 HZ frequencies can help release the feelings of guilt and fear from your subconscious. The mantra is powerful enough to cleanse your mind from the feeling of guilt and any form of negativity that might be making it difficult for you to achieve your personal goals.

· Removes Negativity

The traumatic events and strong memories from our past are always present in our subconscious. They might not be affecting you physically, but these memories have a major impact on your mental health. When you listen to the 417 Hz frequencies, these negative memories will start leaving your subconscious.

· Heal Your Body

Though there is little research concerning the effects of the 528 Hz frequencies on your mind, studies suggest that these frequencies have the ability to repair your body seamlessly. Some people believe that listening to these Solfeggio frequencies even just for a couple of minutes is enough to calm and de-stress your mind while promoting the feeling of relaxation.

The frequencies can cleanse your body and mind from all types of sicknesses you are struggling with. The mantras set to this frequency can help you unwind after a hectic work schedule. It’s also perfect background music for those who are feeling low.

· Problem-Solving

The 741 Hz frequencies are known for improving our problem-solving skills. It calms your mind and allows you to think freely and come up with effective solutions. It also improves self-expression and body cleansing. These frequencies are recommended for those who are having a hard time following a healthy lifestyle.


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Solfeggio frequencies treatment in Pune & Mumbai uses certain tones that are widely used to address physical and mental health issues.

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