Sperm DNA fragmentation is a term used to denote when the genetic material within the sperm is abnormal, which may lead to male subfertility and IVF failure.The genetic integrity of the sperm is crucial for successful fertilization and normal embryo development. Usual sperm examinations done at fertility centrescannot assess the sperm at the molecular level.

What Problems Does High Sperm DNA Fragmentation Cause?

High sperm DNA fragmentation does not impair fertilisation or embryo cleavage stages, but has other negative effects like:

  • High sperm DNA fragmentation affects subsequent blastocyst development
  • Higher the DNA fragmentation levels, higher are the chances of failed assisted conception treatment and miscarriage
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation is higher in subfertile men with abnormal sperm parameters
  • Men with normal sperm parameters in other sperm examinations are also found to have high sperm DNA fragmentation in the DNA Fragmentation Test.

What Are The Advantages Of Taking The Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test?

Taking a sperm DNA fragmentation test is a good choice, because it:

  • Provides a reliable analysis, beyond the routine semen sample assessment, of sperm DNA integrity that may help to identify men who are at risk of failing to initiate a healthy pregnancy.
  • Information helps in the clinical diagnosis, management and treatment of male infertility.
  • Prognostic value in assessing outcome of assisted conception treatment.

What Causes High Sperm DNA Fragmentation?

Stress is known to be the most important factor responsible for sperm DNA fragmentation in men. Among other causes, there are:

  • Infection
  • Pyrexia
  • Continuous elevated testicular temperature
  • Recreational drugs use
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Diet
  • Environmental and occupational pollutants
  • Advanced age
  • Varicocele
  • Leucocytospermia (a condition in which there is an unusually high number of white blood cells in the semen)
  • Sperm cytoplasmic droplets

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How is High Sperm DNA Fragmentation Treated?

Treatment depends essentially on the cause. If the damage is caused by free radicals, a change in lifestyle and diet designed to protect against oxidative stress may help reduce the levels of DNA fragmentation.
Other treatment options include:

  • Antibiotics in case of an infection
  • Life style changes quitting drugs, smoking and hazardous occupation
  • Diet consisting of fresh foods, particularly those containing antioxidants and vitamin C & E
  • Varicocele repair (in case of one)
  • Testicular aspiration of sperm (DNA
  • damage occurs at the post-testicular level, hence testicular sperm may have a better DNA integrity than ejaculated sperm)

  • ICSI treatmentrather than IVF
  • Initiatives to reduce the levels of fragmentation can be assessed by undertaking a second test three months later.

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