A little while ago I attended a lecture by author Robert Scheinfeld who talked about what it was like to be spiritually enlightened.

I resonated with a lot of what he shared, and some I disagreed with. But it was definitely thought-provoking and got me thinking, what is it to be spiritually enlightened? I don't think I have all the answers now, but I can share with you what my understanding of that is at this time, and what I am working toward. Here are the 3 Important Keys for Creating Spiritual Enlightenment in Your Life.

In Francisco Coll's incredible book, "Dynamics of Astro Soul," he shares that you chose to come to this Planet Earth plane because you desire to learn and grow. On a soul-level, you had such a strong desire to experience and grow spiritually from life on Planet Earth that you were drawn to create that physical body and anchor yourself here into a physical existence. Without the desire to grow, you would not have been able to manifest this physical life.

Key #1: A Soul Moves by Desire

My angels have been saying this to me several times a day for the past week, so it must be important! Your true inner desires guide you to direction in this lifetime. What do you really want? Is that what you are doing right now? If not, why not? The only way you will achieve true spiritual satisfaction is if you follow your heart's desires.

It's time to realize that any excuse you put on yourself is not Truth. It is just a story that your fearful part is creating right now in order to keep you where you are. When you see life as a game, you will realize that nothing outside of you really has any control over you. What is your favorite excuse? I think mine is lack of money!

Yours could be lack of self esteem, shyness, lack of time, lack of freedom, too much responsibility, etc, etc. Instead of accepting the limitations that you see around you as being truth, begin to realize that the only truth that exists is that you are a limitless, powerful being, capable of achieving everything that you desire. See how that changes your life!

When you follow your true inner desires, and create your life direction from what you really, really want, you will begin to experience true fulfillment. And, if you deny your desires, you are going to experience depression, unhappiness, and lack of fulfillment. It's just a fact. If you feel that you are struggling or stuck in any way, there is some limitation that you are putting on yourself rather than doing what you truly desire.

Key #2: You are One with All Things

The real you is Spirit, consciousness, energy. It's hard to find the right words to describe the powerful, beautiful being that you truly are. If you could see yourself as your team of spiritual helpers see you, your true essence and spiritual vibration. you would be amazed at your beauty and power.

I have moments in my life when I remember that I am one with all things. But, it doesn't happen all the time. When I look up to the stars at night, I feel one with the universe. When I share and laugh with lovely friends, I feel one with all things. I feel connected with them. When I meditate and focus on my vision board, I have glimpses of my power to create anything that is on my vision board and more. I have that feeling of oneness and connectedness more often these days, but definitely not all the time. I have moments of doubt, fear, disappointment and worry.

When I feel connected, nothing really worries me. I appreciate everyone and everything around me. I know that everything will be all right; I will always be safe and supported. So when life's little problems arise, I know I can handle them and I don't let it affect me.

When you can stay calm, balanced and relaxed no matter what life throws at you, you are becoming closer to being one with all things. It's being detached, not attached to what happens in the environment. It is respecting everyone and everything, even if you disagree with them. It's jumping off that rollercoaster of emotions and being balanced.

Key #3: Release the Pressure from the Maze

Unconsciously you have picked up all sorts of beliefs and feelings about life. You gathered all these beliefs and concepts from the family that raised you, your teachers, TV shows, society, media and so on. These concepts form your experience of life. You can get stuck in concepts that don't work for you, just like you can get stuck in a maze with no end in sight!

These beliefs can stop you in your tracks to fulfilling your life purpose. Here's a simple example. On the weekend when I attended the talk, I ended up being in the back row of about 8 rows because I was one of the last people to arrive. The speaker came in and sat down on a couch at the front of the room. He asked, "Can everyone see me OK if I sit down?" Now I know that I was not the only person whose view was restricted. The couch was so low, about the only people that could see him were the front row! But out of 35 people in the room, I was the only person who answered, "No, I can't see you!"

Why did no one else speak up? Because of the maze they have been taught. Don't make waves, don't be rude, don't stand out from the crowd, please others, don't be selfish, etc. Any combination of those beliefs stopped everyone else from speaking up.

When you live in a more enlightened way, you won't be ashamed of asking for what you want and need and living your life in a way that feels right for you, instead of fitting in with society's norms. People might be surprised by you at first, but they will absolutely respect you because you are saying the things that they really want to say deep down inside!

This brings you a feeling of true spiritual freedom. This is what you are here to express - to feel expansion, freedom and awareness.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and insights. Visit our blog and make a comment and let us know!

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