What is Spirituality?

Defining spirituality seems to be a significant endeavor in this modern, ever-changing world of ours. Spiritual living is increasing being recognized as an essential component for our fulfillment. Over the years, it has become very clear to me that spirituality is not necessarily the same thing as religion. From my perspective, religion is enmeshed with a set of (sometimes rigid) beliefs, while spirituality seems to involve a continuum of experience.

Religion seems to have its dogmas and interpretations that have the potential for hiding rather than exposing the truth for which it was originally intended. Unfortunately, it also seems that its rigidity and prejudice can prevent people from recognizing the oneness that they share with all living beings. Religions can at times be burdened with these prejudices and narrow minded beliefs, structures, and fear-based teachings that keeps their followers living lives that are plagued with unnecessary guilt, judgment, lack of acceptance and blame. This prevents its precious members from truly opening to their own divine nature and seeing the real beauty in themselves, their lives, and others. When religions carry with them a climate of fear and rigidity, this can prevent individuals from remembering the core teachings that are really meant to unite us all- not separate us! Where there is fear and judgment, divine love, unity and peace simply cannot exist.

Deep within religious teachings is a beautiful, common thread that carries a universal truth. This universal truth is meant to be a shared, common vision that brings connection and a sense of oneness to people all over the world. Sadly, when each religion believes that it is only by following their own particular path that one can experience divinity, the truth is lost. If we could all recognize and accept the beauty in different paths, different cultures and unique journeys– and realize that they are all leading to the same thing, the world would be a much more harmonious place.

One can be spiritual and not attend church services or temple. Spirituality stems from inside. Its experience is not limited to any particular set of beliefs or restrictions. Spirituality is a feeling of unity, oneness, and connectedness with God/Source or whatever name one is comfortable with that represents the divine, creative force that connects us all. It can be felt and known through intimate sharing with others, through meditation, through communing with nature, or being of service. A spiritual experience is simply one that expands the mind and awakens the heart and spirit. It causes us to feel at peace; remembering our true, divine nature. When love and acceptance is present, our spiritual nature is manifested in our experience. This allows us to feel and see the spiritual nature in others. There is no expectation, guilt or judgment involved in spirituality. No one can or should tell us what a spiritual experience must be because each journey is unique and guided by the spirit within us. When we nurture the spiritual truth within us, we become empowered and begin to live authentically.

Being spiritual involves seeing beauty everywhere, not just in others who think just as we do. It is to see ourselves and others without judgment. It is to see not only with our eyes, but with our hearts. It involves accepting and focusing on what “is” rather than focusing on what is missing or what is different. When we learn life lessons and allow the past to fall away with forgiveness, understanding and acceptance, we experience the beauty of connecting with spiritual nature.

When we live as spiritual beings, we recognize cruel, manipulative, and negative behaviors as coming from a place that simply lacks love. Our own suffering and that of others is then recognized as a temporary disconnection from the experience of love and the remembrance of our divine nature. We have compassion and we offer forgiveness; knowing that we are all on this journey together.

When we make peace with ourselves and others, we find peace in our lives. We can’t blame anyone else for our own unwillingness to choose forgiveness, acceptance and peace. All of us are spiritual beings, many just don’t take the time or make the effort to explore and expand their spirituality. It can be easy to get caught up in the drama of life. Yet, its up to each individual to reach deeper, strive for more and explore the deeper meaning behind life’s challenges.

The essence of spirituality is understanding that God lives within each of us, not outside of us. To know our divine purpose in this life, we must get quiet, listen within, and trust in our internal guidance system. We must remember that when we accept any form of dogma, external authority, judgment or prejudice as our truth, we cannot know the pure truth of the heart and spirit.

Mutual respect, compassion and mutual equality is the way that we can come together and unite in harmony with our fellow man. May we all begin to see and feel the truth and remember who we really are. May we all strive to see the beauty, the light and the divinity within one another and do our part in making this world a better place. The time to make a difference is now!

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