No matter how important this topic is for an affiliate website…

Maybe this topic is not that much important for an Affiliate website, it cannot be neglected and overlooked at once. Here I share what I understood. Please leave an opinion for more clarification-

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure:

Affiliate disclosure means we are not hiding affiliate links. We disclose it for all. We inform all that we use the affiliate link to help people to go affiliate site directly by click that plugin/ link. If you want to disclose it, then you should consider compliance to follow the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) guidelines.

Benefits to disclose the affiliate link:

When I say this (disclosing) I am legally required to disclose affiliate links by the FTC. And "hey, if you end up using this link to getting this, I'm going to benefit in some way." It's the right thing to inform the consumers, that our site uses Amazon affiliate links; which maintains all rules and regulations of Amazon marketing & FTC. That helps to build trust with readers, visitors, and the audience that if they buy anything using this site, I'll get a commission although they will be safe from various harassments. That will make them eager to purchase things through our website for our honesty.

Note: It is statistically proved that viewers have more clicks on these links compared to other links.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

The disclaimer is a statement that denies something to give especially responsibility or any offer when you buy anything through them. As n example, "We have not been given any free products, services or anything else by these companies in exchange for mentioning them on the site). The only consideration is in the form of affiliate commissions. If you get any problem or shortcomings in any product, we won't be responsible for that. You have to ask the manufacturer or provider. There is no conflict with another site with our content.

Note: Most of the sites add disclosure with the disclaimer to make it in one post- Affiliate Disclaimer.

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