You may have heard your A-listers like the young-looking Victoria Beckham or the very fit Jennifer Aniston talking about the Alkaline Diet. Or you have friends who rave about the Alkaline Naturals and its wonders. But what exactly is the alkaline diet, and what does it do to help you stay healthy and in shape?


Also called the alkaline ash diet, an alkaline diet is about optimizing the body's health by taking more alkaline-forming foods such as the green leafy vegetables, quinoa, and Alkaline Naturals and avoiding the acid-forming products like processed foods, alcohol and red meat.

After digestion, the food that you eat leaves metabolic residues or "ashes" (as the scientists call it) in your body. These ashes are then absorbed into your system as either alkaline, neutral or acidic wastes and will eventually contribute to your body's overall health.
One thing to note is that the food we intake does not alter our body’s nor our blood’s pH levels but can affect the pH level of our saliva and urine.

Advocates believe that an excessively acidic body is more prone to illnesses and diseases, as well as mood swings, poor skin, and even insomnia. On the other hand, alkaline ash acts as a safeguard against infections, and some say even against cancer.


Adding some fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily meals or taking Burdock Root Capsules from Alkaline Naturals once a day can be a good starting point of your alkaline diet. As you progress, you can focus on achieving the ideal ratio of alkaline to acidic forming foods (70:30) by remembering which give you more acid or alkaline.

Your green, leafy, and almost all vegetables, as well as fruits, are mostly alkaline-rich foods. Cucumber, kale, and kelp are some of the products that are highly rich in forming alkaline, followed by avocado, onion, and lettuce. While the low alkaline-forming veggies are artichokes, cauliflower, and peas, to name a few.
Herbs and essential oils can also be good sources of organic and effective alkaline ashes.

In contrast, the food that you must avoid or eat in moderation are canned and other processed foods, soft drinks and alcohol, vinegar, peanuts, sugar, and red meat.


The effects of the alkaline diet, like any other diet, ultimately rest on how hard you stick on it. The following are the tips that you can use in your journey to a fitter and healthier you through the alkaline diet.

• It takes work to adhere to the Alkaline Diet – Keeping track of which food is rich in alkaline or acid is a must. There are a lot of lists and recipes on the internet, but you need to out quite a bit in remembering them.

• Recipes and shopping lists are at your fingertips – Take advantage of technology by searching Google for recipes and products that are rich in forming alkaline ashes. There are also books like "Acid Alkaline Diet for Dummies," which offer vast info and products for your diet.

• You can still go out with friends while on the Alkaline diet – Having the alkaline diet does not mean you have to cook and eat at home always. Many restaurants offer organic and healthy meals, and some even have a more pH-friendly menu to cater to your diet.

• Planning and sticking to it is the key to an effective Alkaline Diet Of course, any plan needs to carried out obediently. It would be best if you plan your meals, shop for the ingredients, and prepare them accordingly.

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