The angels are very much with us at the moment as the changes that are affecting our world are causing much fear and worry.

They reach us any way that they can, and sometimes, they tell me that being heard can be very challenging when we are so frightened that we prevent their messages from getting through.

Angels talk to us in a number of different ways, and sometimes, when they need to, they get louder and louder until we listen. They speak to us through dreams, through friends, through the radio, and even through random pages on a book. If you see white feathers or the number four repeatedly, this also signifies that angels are around. They will use whatever method they can to get their messages through to us.

What are they trying to tell us? Angels are messengers from God. Their main purpose is to bring peace on earth, one person at a time. They assist us with our lives and the challenges that we face, and they offer us guidance when we can hear them. They are with us all the way through our lives, and protect us from harm. They will never interfere with our free will- they make this very clear. They can give you guidance, which you can choose to ignore if you wish.

However, many of the readings that I do at present are the angels talking to that part of us that we do not think is good enough. Many of the messages I get from the angels are guidance as to how to resolve old conflict, let go of old wounds, and how to learn to love ourselves.

We are seeing some changes around us at this time that are causing us to be afraid. The angels are saying that we need to embrace the changes that are occurring as the old energy is being replaced by newer energies, and there is no place for old baggage with the new energies. Now is the time we need to really let go and move forward into our power. Now is the time to find out who we really are and what we came here to do. Now is the time to stand up and make a difference.

The number one message from the angels today is learn to love yourself, and all of yourself, and this way, you will be able to love others unconditionally, and this is what the planet needs so desperately right now. Find out what your blocks are, and work to remove them. Ask the angels to show you how, and to help you through it. Once you have shown willing by taking a step in the right direction, the angels will be delighted to help.

Written by Caroline Nettle.

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Caroline Nettle is passionate about healing, recovery, and assisting others to grow. Her website Spiritual Growth Tools is the culmination of many years of seeking answers about her own health and well-being, and studying the human condition. She writes articles, is a healer and gives talks about subjects relating to spiritual growth and personal development.
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