Application tracking system (ATS) is the word that is being heard popularly in present days, especially in the recruitment profession. This software is specifically designed with some of the tools for recruiting and hiring process. It helps in sorting out only the required resumes from thousands of applications. So, all the resumes that have been applied for a particular job position will be passing through this software. Then the appropriate resumes that are passed through ATS systems will be checked by the recruiters.

The recruitment software designed by Recruit So Simple can be easily accessed by the recruiters to select the appropriate resumes. The tools of this software are easy to use and navigation system is simple. Our software offers an extraordinary experience in hiring the candidates, not only for interviewers, but also for the candidates. This software helps with seamless communication with the teams. Our software is designed with advanced recruit system that will backup all the required data and can be useful for future metrics.

Recruitment agency software tracks and arranges the resumes in an organised database. Each and every tracking software differ in some features, however, the most common ones are job posting, email marketing, resume importing, resume parsing and others.

The application tracking system is highly beneficial to the recruiters, it makes their job easier by filtering the resumes that are appropriate for one particular job position when they flooded with a huge number. So, let’s have a look at the benefits offered by this software for recruiters.

  • Time is saved

One of the major benefits of using an applicant tracking system is that it saves lots of time for a recruiter, by which they can engage in other activities.

  • Money is also saved

This software does the work in minutes, if humans need to do the same work manually, more workforce is required and paying them wages will result in spending extra money.

  • Automate the process

In the process of hiring, all the processes will be automated especially sourcing, organizing and tracking.

  • The right candidate is selected

The candidate with appropriate and right skills will be selected through this software. This hiring decision will not be done with emotions, but with the right skills.

  • Growth in business

The number of placements will be done at a faster pace by making use of efficient recruitment software.

  • Data is saved

One of the other major benefits of using the software is that all the data that is organized and tracked will be saved in the database.

The above mentioned are the major benefits gained by using recruitment agency software. Thus all the major companies use this software to pick the right candidates which help in the growth of the company.

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