Squint eye which is also known as strabismus is a condition where the eyes are not aligned in the right direction. One of the eyes may turn in, out, up, or down while the other eye looks in one direction. To address this issue a person must approach a squint specialist in Mumbai. Ophthalmology is a profession that deals with eye problems in children. Pediatric Ophthalmologists in Mumbai examine children for any vision problem and treat the issue including Squint. They are trained professionals who can treat eye issues, especially in children. In today’s article, we have discussed in detail causes, diagnosis, and associated problems due to squint eye condition.
Causes of Squint
• Vision problems (refractive errors) Due to short-sightedness or long-sighted, the muscles would react differently. This could be the cause of squint eye condition.
Family history – Squint can also be a cause of genetic disorders.
• Premature birth – If a baby is born prematurely, squint could also be a possibility.
• Eye conditions – A person already suffering an eye condition may end up with a squint eye if the problem is severe.
Associated problems
Squint can result in long-term vision issues as listed below-
• Amblyopia – Amblyopia which is also called lazy eye, is a disorder of vision in which the brain fails to process inputs and over time favors the other eye. It is a condition that results in decreased vision in an eye that typically appears normal.
• Visual impairment – Untreated Amblyopia creates visual impairment gradually until a total loss.
• Blurred vision – squint eye conditions may cause blurriness in vision and lead to myopia and hyperopia. These conditions affect the shape of the eye and, the way how the eye sees.
The condition should be treated on time by approaching a squint specialist in Mumbai to prevent deterioration of vision.
Symptoms of squint eye
Diagnosis of Squint eye is absolutely essential. Once the condition is diagnosed immediate action must be taken by approaching the best ophthalmologist nearby. Given below are some common symptoms of squint eye and they are as follows-
• Eye fatigue
• Double vision
• Overlapped or blurred images
• A pulling sensation around the eyes
• Reading difficulty
• Loss of depth perception
Be careful and watchful over the symptoms discussed that often arise at an early stage which ultimately causes squint. Ophthalmologists you approach will examine the symptoms and tests the severity of the condition. Based on his examination and results he suggests treatment. Getting treated on time and addressing the issue with the squint eye specialist in Mumbai should not be ignored.

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