The battery energy storage is one of the critical requirements of various applications and numerous companies operating in different industries. It is vital for an organization to have an efficient battery energy storage OEM solution that will scale up its production capacity and contribute towards increased productivity of its operations.

There are various factors that you must consider when purchasing a battery energy storage system for your operations. The efficiency of the product is one of the most vital consideration. The compliance to industrial safety standards is another aspect which you should look for before ordering battery energy storage OEM storage. The customization offered by the manufacturers is also an important metric that should guide your decision. The customization offers you the necessary flexibility and versatility in meeting your industrial requirements effectively.

The customized OEM solutions for the industry

The BSLBATT is the original equipment manufacturer of the efficient microgrid solutions that serve in excess of 40 vertical markets which depend on the stable, well-engineered and high quality technology which is specialized for industries.

The energy storage and peaking stations: After the system is online, the fundamental objective of the system is the reduction of electricity operation cost via capacity mode conversion, grid peaking and valley filling and peak shifting that is based on prefabricated strategy of 2 discharging and 2 charging each day. It leads to 10% savings in the cost of electricity operation.

Distributed energy storage system: On the basis of energy characteristics used by enterprise and regional time-of-use tariff, the 1MW or 2MWh distributed energy storage system is deployed for the project.  Once the system is online, it will be combined with flexible strategy for dynamically adjusting discharging and charging times and the multiplier rates for maximizing operational advantages of energy storage system whereas improving energy mix of enterprise and leading to an increase in the utilization of power assets. According to the chief of operations for, partnership for deploying the energy storage systems is about the improvement in the profitability and the ROI from start of the plant operations.

Energy storage cabinet: In 2019, the 1MW or 2MWh distributed energy storage system was integrated at the production base of Ruihuitai. When the system is online it will implement "two charge, two discharge strategy" thereby providing the daily throughput of around 4000 KWh.

This system helps in the adjustment of the grid load structure in that specific area thereby alleviating the rising demand for extra capacity from the customers. This also improves the quality of the energy use whereas assisting the enterprises in the better unlocking of economic value of energy storage system. According to the production centre manager the energy storage system has activated potential of original power system and added a smart energy service experience which has brought great relief to O&M staff of the company.

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