Craigslist personal ads have been there for more than 2 decades. During 1995, online dating was still in its earlier stages, and most people did not think of looking for love online. But currently, most adults are using online dating apps or sites. Craiglist was closed in 2018 because of the U.S Senate bill, whose target was to fight online sex trafficking. The bill passed criminal and civil liabilities for unwanted content to websites where they were posted. In response, Craigslist decided to reduce its risks by removing the “personal ads'' section.

But before it was removed, there were dozens of best craigslist casual encounters section..

Best Casual Encounters on Craiglist

On joining Craiglist, you can start with fake personalized ads, but soon will realize casual sex is very popular. Some of the best encounters include one man who pimped his wife in exchange for a Lakers ticket. Also, some men were willing to have sex in bear suits while being recorded.

In his book “Craiglist Casual Encounters: The Hilarious and Disturbing World of Seeking Sex Online,” Los Angeles Civil Attorney Henry Russell explains it all. After writing fake ads, he realized that men were willing to go to greater lengths to get sex. For instance, a popular fake ad of a lady who said that she wanted to invite three guys over for competition and the best would win him generated about 140 responses. Though it was a Guitar Hero groupie, many people were serious and wanted to combine it with sex.

Also, another ad of a single mom who needed some love in her home and whose son was sleeping generated many responses. Most guys were okay with her locking the baby in the bathroom or on the porch. And even after she decided that the baby would be in the same room while they were having sex, most guys were comfortable with it.


Craigslist’s personal ads section has some of the fun and exciting casual encounters. It's no secret that members of this platform are willing and can go to any length for physical contact. This makes it even more exciting, but it can be disappointing for people looking for long-term relationships.

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Craigslist personal ads have been there for more than 2 decades.