As per the software design company, in the modern world of digitalization, every person in the world owns smart phones. Almost 80% of the smart phone devices are developed by android. The application developers are excelled in creating android applications for the users.

The world of business has seen a rapid growth with the introduction of android applications in the companies. Nowadays, people depend on android applications for their regular chores. Every work is updated and planned through smart phones.

Whether it is a retail store or a company website or even a blog, mobile applications are best to attract traffic and market the products. People prefer to use mobile applications for any purpose as they are handy and easy to use. The applications can be used anywhere and anytime. Huge companies now prefer to work through the mobile applications s it helps them to communicate with their customers 24/7, and notify them about latest upgrades and offers.

Top 5 best developing software for android apps
There are various companies all over the world that expertise in android application development. The developers specialize on developing android applications on various platforms. There is different software on which an application can be developed.

However, it is not easy to choose the right software for an android application. It totally depends upon the requirements of the business and the targeted audience. Some of the best software for the development of android apps used by the top android app developers is listed below.


It is a cloud based mobile application developer that can develop applications on any platform both android and iOS. Since the developer functions in cloud, the installation or downloading is not required. It can be started quickly and easily. As suggested by the software design company customized private plug-ins can be created to provide powerful function ability to the applications. In a team project, the members can share their ideas. However, that would cost extra charge.

2. TheAppBuilder

TheAppBuilder provides a bundle of applications for events, brochures, employee and clients. They approach in two different ways. The application can be created specifically for the internal works of a company that provides training and online tool specifically for the employees. It also provides the developer to design the app as per their choice and build the structure of the content.

3. Mobile Roadie

Mobile roadie provides an opportunity and allows them to imagine and create their own application. It supports all kinds of media. It supports twitter, Google news keywords, automatic importing of RSS, and an automatic refreshing wall for communication in real time with the users. Like the users, the developer can preview the application in the back end on their devices.

4. Good Barber

Good Barber helps to develop applications for android and web. This benefits the developer in several ways as they do not need to write codes for different platforms in order to control, it works on all of them. It provides with a number of beautiful icons and customized templates for the applications. These applications can function in websites, mobiles and any other devices.

5. Appy Pie

It is the only platform that allows the developer to create the application without performing any programming. It is basically a do it yourself applications and can be developed by anyone. As per the android app developers there is only drag and drop options to create pages and no hassle of downloading and installing anything. As soon as the developer finishes the application, it can function in any platform be it websites, android devices or even iOS. It allows push notifications, advertisements, offers, and track locations of the user through the GPS. Integration of blogs, social media feeds, audio, radio and others are also available in the application.


According to the custom software development company there can never be a definite platform for the development of android applications. It totally depends upon the developer to choose the right platform for the android application development. The android applications for different companies might need varied requirements. Thus, the best is not predictable.

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