Less than a decade ago Pavel Tsatsouline was the first man to re-introduce kettlebells in the United States. Kettlebells has been known around the world for about two centuries and often associated with the legendary strongmen of the past.

Pavel founded a DragonDoor brand and start to produce and sell high quality DragonDoor kettlebells. Everything is great about those kettlebells except for one little thing: they are ridiculously expensive.

There are plenty of high quality kettlebell brands on the market these days. And, unlike Dragondoor ones, whey wouldn't cost you an arm and a leg to get.

Just a few years ago, Dragondoor kettlebells whould be your first and best pick. These days, however, there are many kettlebells featuring similar design and quality yet costing 2-4 times less then DragonDoor brand.

Let split all kettlebell brands into 3 major groups:

1) DragonDoor look and feel likes:

Most popular are (in alphabet order) Ader, Apollo, CAP Barbell, First Place, KBUSA, LifeLine, Troy and York.

Made of iron, these kettlebell brands all pretty sturdy and have a great handle design, allowing for a seamless exercise execution. Some people like it glossy and smooth, other like it a little bit rough and textured for better grip and chalking.

2) Vinyl / Neoprene / Plastic coated ones:

Most popular are (in alphabet order) Bell Fit, Century, First Place Vinyl, Fitness Series, Go Fit, J-fit, Vtech.

These kettlebells made of iron, and then coated with vinyl, neoprene or plastic. This helps to reduce noise and to protect surfaces from damage. Also, neoprene coated bells may help to prevent some of those wrist bruises. Coated kettlebells are usually come in small sizes (5 to 50lb) and in various colors.

3) Pro Competition professional grade:

Most popular are (in alphabet order) First Place Elite, KBUSA Paradigm, Perform Better.

Made of steel, Pro Competition kettlebells are all of the same size and diameter, regardless of their weight. Its true for all brands. This allows achieving and sustaining of a perfect technique in every weight category. These kettlebells are often used in official challenges and competitions and usually come in different colors.

There are also quite a few adjustable kettlebell brands on the market today, but those are flimsy and are not recommended for serious lifting.

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