What is the best Natural Sweetener?

I've written a number of times about my favorite sweetener, stevia. It has no calories, it tastes great, and it doesn't raise your blood sugar. Nor does it come with the potential side effects (like cancer and neurological disorders) of artificial sweeteners.

It seems like everything we use to sweeten food causes health problems. But what about the naturally sweet herb - stevia? Why aren't more manufacturers using stevia instead of sugar, fructose, aspartame, or high fructose corn syrup? Could it be that stevia costs too much?

It is not because stevia costs too much. Unfortunately, it involves politics.

Stevia cannot be patented, so it does not have the profit potential of artificial sweeteners. And because it's much safer, it represents a threat to the multi-billion-dollar artificial sweetener industry. So, these companies have used their lobbying power to wage a campaign against it. And despite the fact that stevia has been used safely for centuries, it was BANNED by the FDA for years - and was even subjected to armed seizures of its manufacturing and storage facilities.

Stevia is no longer banned, but it can only be marketed as a "dietary supplement." It cannot be sold as a "sweetener" or used as a "food additive." That's why you don't see it in foods, tea, and soft drinks (as it is used in other countries).

Avoid using any artificial sweetners.. Read the section on Aspartame..

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