What is the Best Religion?
If you search the internet to find out how many Religions there are in the world you will find estimates as high as 4,200 that’s a lot to choose from, so which one is best?

When I searched the internet for a definition of Religion this was the first statement to pop up: Religion, the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

I am going to focus on the “Controlling Power” aspect because it is the key to living a better life should you choose to live one. I said choose to live a better life because you have the complete Freedom to Believe whatever you like and that is true for what you are about to read.

Here is a short test to establish you Freedom of Thought Belief and Action!

The Freedom Test

Question 1: Who is reading this question?
Question 2: Who is controlling your Thoughts Beliefs and Actions while you read these questions?
Answer: If you answered that, you are reading these questions and that you are in control of your Thoughts Beliefs and Actions while reading these questions you are correct. Move on to Question 3. If you answered this section incorrectly, please rethink your answers and/or proceed.
Question 3: Are you Free to answer these questions any way you choose to? Yes or No
Question 4: Are you Free to stop taking this test? Yes or No
Question5: Are you Free to continue taking this Test? Yes or No
Answer: If you answered Yes to these 3 questions, you are correct. Move on to Question 6. If you answered No to any of these questions please reconsider your answers, if even one of your answers is still No something or someone has taken control of your Thoughts, Beliefs and Actions and therefore your life! You may want to change your mind and take control of your own life.
Question 6: If you are Free to answer these questions any way you want to, are you Personally Responsible for the answers? Yes or No
Answer: If you answered Yes, you are correct. If you answered No, you have come to believe that you are not in control of your own thoughts and that someone else or some thing else controls your Thoughts, Beliefs and Actions and therefore controls your life. If you decide to change your answer from No to Yes, you will be making a Responsible Agreement with yourself that you are Free to Think and Believe whatever you want to and therefore you are Personally Responsible for your Thoughts, Beliefs and Actions and therefore a Self-Governing Being!
In its most basic form a Religion is a Thought process/Control System/Control Process that presupposes that you are not in control or should not be in control your own Thought Process/Control System and that the Religion has a Thought Process/Control System that is best for you. Another aspect of Religion is that there is a Supper Human Force involved that has control over you.
In short the best Religion is one that is in Alignment/Harmony with Who You Really Are!

What is the Truth? What is the best Religion? Is there a Supper Human Force that Controls us? The first thing to consider is this: you are going to Believe whatever you choose to about what you are reading which should lead you to the conclusion that you are in control of you own thoughts on this matter and you would be right. Next, is there a Supper Human Force that Controls you, in one way yes and in another way no. No: in the sense that you have complete Freedom of Thought, Belief and Action and Yes: in that you are an extinction of Source Energy! In order for this to makes sense to you, you need to have an understanding of Source Energy. Words don’t always convey their meanings well because everyone has a different Thought Process and in our Thought Processes we have different meanings for words.

Let’s start with this Fact: According to the greatest minds of our time all there is in the Universe is Energy and Information. There once was a very wide split between our great religious minds and scientific minds as to how was right. They would argue over how life came to be on earth and how it developed. Did God make life on earth or was it the result of some kind of scientific process. When the two sides were far apart on agreeing about how things came to be the word Miracle come into use. Here is Wikipedia’s Definition Miracle: An event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. Such an event may be attributed to a supernatural being (a deity), magic, a miracle worker, a saint or a religious leader. In general anything that could not be explained or was too hard to explain may have been called a Miracle.

How life came to be on earth is also known as Creation. The original thoughts of the religious leaders was that God or Gods or some kind of supper human controlled the Process of Creation and that we had little control over the process. As religious learning progressed it was found that we could be involved in the Process of Creation. The scientific world kept looking for answers that had logical steps that could be repeated so it could be used over and over to make something to be of some kind of benefit. Both found processes that work the way they wanted and processes that did not. Both used a Thought Processes to get there results and over time they had less and less disagreements. Now it is known that when properly understood the Laws of Physics and the Spiritual Laws are one and the same.

Everything is Energy in a different form and has different degrees and types of Intelligence/Information. There are Immutable Universal Laws that Govern our Thoughts and when you understand how they work you can live a Magnificent life. Everything starts with a thought and we have 60 to 70 thousand thoughts a day that are processed through Universal Law. Whatever you are experiencing in your life is a result of your Thoughts processed through Immutable Universal Laws! Next: the Universe has Contrast so we can have Experiences, without Contrast we could not have Experiences, hot & cold, good & bad etc. Next: the Universe does not have a concept of NO, meaning it allows anything, meaning things we call good and things we call bad can happen to us, this is Contrast.

You may have heard the Statement: All things are possible only believe! This is True notice it said, all things, meaning things we call good and bad. If you want to have more good things in your life you have to use Universal Law the right way to allow more good things to come into your life.

Let’s go back to our thoughts about a Supper Human Force, the Human Race has come to believe that there is Punishment and Condemnation involved if you brake the laws of the Supper Human Force/God or Gods. This misunderstood concept has lead the Human Race to become Masters of Self-Limitation, Self-Sabotage and Self-Degradation when the opposite is our Reality. We were Created to Live Magnificent Lives and we can once we understand how to use Universal Law to do so.

There are two aspects to every Human Being, the Larger None-Physical Part of us understands Universal Law completely. This Larger None-Physical Part of us is Eternal, we have many names for this part of us, Higher-Self, Higher-Mind, Soul. The Physical Part of us is Free to work in harmony with the Higher-Self or not and we have come to call this part of us the Ego or Physical-Mind. When the Ego is thinking without an understanding of Universal Law it operates on a fear based thought process, and imposes Limitations, Punishments and Condemnations on itself. Your Higher-Self/Soul will never Limit, Punish or Condemn you! If your Religious beliefs contain Thoughts that a God or Gods; will or could Limit, Punish or Condemn you don’t know how Universal Law works. If what you just read upsets you or makes you angry you are not working in Harmony with your Soul because you Soul knows what you just read is True.

All Limitations, Punishments and Condemnations are Self-Imposed by the Ego’s Fear Based Thought System without your Soul’s involvement! You need to hear this again: all Limitations, Punishments and Condemnations are Self-Imposed by the Ego’s Fear Based Thought System without your Soul’s involvement!

All Limitations, Punishments and Condemnations can be overcome when you work in Harmony with your Soul! You need to hear this again: all Limitations, Punishments and Condemnations can be overcome when you work in Harmony with your Soul! Again you are Free to believe what you just read or not!

In our definition of Religion there was the concept of worshiping of a superhuman controlling power, this concept has been misunderstood and played a role in the Ego’s thought process of Self-Limitation, Self-Sabotage and Self-Degradation. It also leads to a belief that we are at the mercy of the superhuman controlling power and that it has the ability to punish us and condemn us, which is not how Universal Law works.

The Ego does have limitations in and of itself and needs Harmonious Interaction with the Soul to overcome those limitations. The Soul also has limitations that are overcome by working in Harmonious Interaction with the Ego, examples would be the experiences we have in Physical Form through the 5 senses.

In closing we need to define the Best Religion as a Belief System that is in alignment with Who We Really Are! We are Divine Beings that Freely Choose to Incarnate in Human Form to help expand Consciousness to new heights of Unconditional Love and live the Magnificent lives we were designed to.

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Art has studied the Teachings of over 30 Spiritual TeArt hArt has studied the Teachings of over 30 Spiritual Teachers, Masters and Mentors for over 30 years. Some of these Teachers and Mentors are listed on this site. Here is a partial list. Denis Waitley, Nightingale Conant training tapes, Wayne Dyer, Richard Bach, Charles & Myrtle Fillmore, Emilie Cady’ Emmet Fox, Ernest Holmes, Eric Butterworth, Leo Buscaglia, Don Miguel Ruiz, Neale Donald Walsh, Og Mandino, Jack Boland, Dr Michael Ryce, A Course In Miracles, Walter & Lao Russell, Roy Eugene Davis, Gary Zukav, His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Louise Hay (Hay House), Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, Eckhart Tolle
Thich Nhat Hanh, The Secret ‘The Law of Attraction.
These next two are the Ultimate Sources on Universal Law Esther Hicks AKA Abraham & Darryl Anka AKA Bashar. his knowledge of Universal Law ranks in the top 1 10th of 1%. Universal Laws is what Governs Life in the Universe these Laws are immutable and Control the Process of Creation.
His greatest Teaching Story is about an Inmate in a Nazi Death Camp the Thrived and how it was done very few people now this story and almost no one has heard how it was done it is the Greatest Story Never Told!