Even if you have your beloved toolbox already set up, it is never too late for some changes. The world of tools is evolving rapidly, bringing some updates every single day. While you should not test out tools continuously, you should not be tied to one toolbox for ages either. It is always good to recognize some alternative social media tools that you can use instead of, or as a support to your existing applications. What is the best social media tool for your business and why should you choose it? Find out about our five ideas.

Social media tool for management – NapoleonCat

One of the most comprehensive social media tools that you can have for everyday management of your tasks is NapoleonCat . You can use this tool for streamlining social media activities such as social media approval, social media reporting and, of course, social media scheduling. Thanks to NapoleonCat, you can save a lot of time on manual social media analytics and actually take a deeper look into Facebook or Instagram analytics. Face it - you need a good Facebook analytics tool or Instagram analytics tool to take care of your efforts and stop burning money if you are doing so. Social media optimization is crucial if you want to achieve success. What is more, NapoleonCat delivers you some options for making the most of social community management - this social media tool delivers the feature of a social inbox.

Adzooma for optimizing social campaigns

If you run some Facebook campaigns then you know that this game is a give and take one. If you love spending money on campaigns that do not work and do not deliver results, then feel free to do so, however, with a tool like Adzooma you can spend money more wisely. Adzooma provides you with a complete setup and optimization of your marketing campaigns. In terms of social media, it helps with Facebook campaigns, while you can use it for Microsoft Ads and Google Ads as well.

Build your chatbot with Chatbotize

Would you like to build a fully functional chatbot for your clients on Messenger, but you do not have the skillset to do so? No worries - Chatbotize has you covered! This social media tool delivers you ready-to-use plugins that you can make the most of while building your own chatbot. No matter if you need it for customer service or just to maintain some contests or quizzes through your chatbot - building one with Chatbotize will only take you a few minutes, and your chatbot will amaze your audience. Will you give it a go?

RocketLink for smart remarketing on social media

Using remarketing on social media is not a new term at all, but building a valuable custom audience is not that simple. However, there are some tools that support this kind of process - RocketLink is one of them. You can shorten your links with a customized domain. What is more, the link does not have to lead to your content only - you can take advantage of external content, but build your own based on it.

Social Auditor for double-checking social media influencers

If you want to identify some influencers that you may choose for any of your marketing campaigns on Instagram, you need a reliable social media tool for checking out whether or not they are a good fit. This is where Social Auditor steps in, offering you advanced data on any of the given Instagram profiles. Why do you need it? Simply to make a good decision about involving only the right set of people or accounts with your campaigns. Otherwise, you can burn money on influencers that do not suit your needs and will bring more harm than good to your campaigns.

To wrap-up

Building your own social media toolbox is really important if you want your social media work to be hassle-free. However, finding the best social media tool for your business is a bit more difficult than it seems, and you should not make any knee-jerk reactions before buying them. Test them out first, preferably with your team, and then decide whether to invest in it or not.

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