A number of reasons exist as to why you should prune your trees. You might want to remove deadwood, remove hazards, and encourage new growth; for all these objectives it is important that you follow proper pruning methods. The question regarding “when to prune” a tree is dependent on the “why you need to prune” reason. Light pruning and deadwood removal can be done anytime but for other purposes, seasonality plays a big roll.

Fall Pruning

It is a common practice to prune during the dormant period. This translates to after the leaves have fallen and before the tree leafs in spring. It is easier to prune for structure and form when the branches are clearly visible, this happens during fall when the leaves are off the trees. If you prune during dormancy, it will result in a vigorous burst of new growth during springtime and this strategy should be used for fast growing species like Willow and Silver Maple.

Winter Pruning

To prevent the spread of diseases pruning during the winter months is essential. For example, Oak Wilt is a fungal disease and is spread by beetles. This disease can quickly finish off an oak tree. Pruning oaks during the dormant season avoids attracting the disease spreading beetle. If you are thinking of pruning during the dead of winter, wait till the coldest period has passed as cuts can get dried out during a bitterly cold spell. A tree may be stressed out from disease or drought; in this case it is best to wait till the tree is just about to leaf to carry out any major pruning operation.

Spring pruning

In order to encourage new growth and to maintain shape, fruit trees are always pruned in the spring. A lot of reasons why you would choose to prune in the fall are great reasons to prune in the spring too. Some of the spring blooming species like Lilac, Magnolia and Redbud prefer to be pruned after they have blossomed and the blooms have dropped.

Summer pruning

In summer it is easy to remove deadwood. The leafless branches can be observed quickly and easily and it is convenient to carry out pruning in the summertime according to the species of tree in question. A lot of other types of pruning can be carried out in the summer time with best results.

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