What Is The Best Way To Deal With Social Anxiety Disorder: How To Curb Anxiety

Overcoming social anxiety (SAD) is much easier if you create your very own plan of attack and then stick to it religiously. Far too often, people with SAD jump from one approach to another, from one tactic to another, failing to give anything they try a real chance to produce results.

So the key is often to put together a step by step approach, tailored to your own situation and needs, and to stick with it until it works, or until it proves unsuccessful.

The first step is to keep a journal and to write in it at least once a day. The results and the information this will provide you will be invaluable, so whatever your plan of attack, make this step #1. If you make one entry a day, then in 2 months you'll have more than 60 updates to look over, and you'll be amazed at how much you learn about yourself and your social anxiety from going over your journal.

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The second step in your plan of attack should be to pick an event or a situation in the future (something that you don't feel you can handle at the moment) and aim to successfully deal with it when it comes. You know yourself better than anyone, so you'll know which event to choose, and how far away it should be.

Don't pick something too challenging, and at the same time, don't pick something that will not stretch you and your social anxiety-related problems. What you're doing here is giving yourself a tough but fair challenge - one that you will be able to tackle successfully.

Use the journal you should now be keeping to ground you during the countdown to the challenge you've set for yourself. The use of a journal to strengthen your belief and resolve as you prepare for something like this is incredible. It's an excellent tool to use while you're overcoming social anxiety.

So make use of it!

The third and final step in your plan of attack is to go ahead and do the thing you've set as your target or goal. Believe it or not, but by planning far ahead and using your journal correctly, this step will be far easier than you might expect it to be. Subconsciously, these first two steps have been preparing you for this "event" and you'll be in better shape than you think!

It's a good idea to keep your plan of attack to yourself, to eliminate any outside pressure from friends or family members. You'll know about it, and that's all that matters.

So stay focused, keep your plan to yourself, and attack your goal with all you've got! This is one of the best ways of overcoming social anxiety, and when you have success with this 3 step plan, repeat it again and again (it's like building a muscle by weight training, except the muscle you're training is your mind, and the weight you're lifting is the event you overcome!).

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Overcoming shyness is a real challenge for some people, who almost instinctively feel uncomfortable around others. The reasons for shyness vary from person to person, but there are ways to tackle and examine them that can yield results.

Rule number one is that you actually have to want to change. If you are shy and suffer some social setback, then there is always initial pain and frustration. Overcoming shyness requires you to have a firm desire to tackle your social anxiety not just the day after, but weeks after. It needs to become a significant lifestyle decision, rather than merely a desire for things to somehow be better. Like most things, the effort put in will be what defines results.

So once you have expressed that firm desire to tackle and look at overcoming shyness then you have to consider what steps to take. It is definitely best to look at things incrementally and take small steps to try and build confidence and prepare yourself for any future occasion.

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Rule number two is try and do some research! If you are going to a party or a business function, small talk is there. It's horrible, it can be boring, and it's something I personally hate doing. However, its the way into a more meaningful discussion. So, make sure you have something to talk about. If you have seen the latest blockbuster film, or top TV show, they are good points to start. Think about them, and have some opinions to share. Or make sure you are up to date with current hot news topics. You don't have to impress with something profound or revolutionary, but this tip will help you a) not be tongue tied and b) give the other person a chance to talk about their opinion, which is what most people really want to do. So you seem tuned into events, and a good listener too.

Finally, if you do try something to overcome shyness, try and be positive about the results. Everyone sometimes gets knockbacks, even the super rich and famous. So be positive about making the effort and not being alone at home in your bedroom.

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Most people suffering with anxiety disorders become desperate that they often resort to taking medications may it be in a form of psychological therapy or drugs. They tend to entertain this idea with hopes that it will be an effective solution to their problem with anxiety disorder.

Yes, these kinds of medications may help but it only answers the problem in short term basis. Surely, it minimizes attacks but it does not give the user any assurance that their anxiety disorder will not bother them anymore. Moreover, some of these medications often cost high and they even add health hazards in the form of side effects.

While these drugs are more popular to those that are suffering anxiety disorders, only few are knowledgeable about the fact that a simple healthy lifestyle is a better remedy for it. Others might be skeptic about the idea but it is indeed more effective.

Natural treatments against anxiety disorders are more effective because they are not merely used to alleviate the said health problem but they actually remove it. Aside from the fact that it does not affect your budget that much; these type of treatment is actually giving you a good opportunity of making your lifestyle healthier and better. In a way it addresses not just your anxiety problem but your lifestyle problem as well. That having been said, these natural treatments do come in many forms. Forms that impact not just the physical aspect of a person but also his or her emotional, social and even spiritual side.

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Besides if we look at anxiety attack problem closely, it is just a matter of poor or bad lifestyle. At times, its severity depends on the mindset of the victim. Once, a person facing with anxiety attack decides to make his or her lifestyle healthier that makes him or her a bit closer to solving his or her anxiety attack.

How does one run a healthy lifestyle? As simple as eating the right food, sleeping at a right amount of time, coupled with some work out and happy thoughts. Aren't they too common and easy to live up to? Well, other people might find it hard to follow but once they do; Anxiety Attack is just part of their history.

So, why bother yourself buying and testing from one drug or therapy to another just to avoid anxiety attack. All you need is a piece of determination and self-discipline for you to start leading a healthy lifestyle that is actually a natural treatment that keeps your anxiety attack away.

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Dizziness is probably the most common symptom of panic disorder. But not all people who feel dizzy are undergoing panic disorder. We need to observe ourselves for other symptoms to find out if we really have panic disorder. Other symptoms of panic disorder includes: nausea, vomiting, chest pains, elevated heart rate, numbness, uncontrollable thoughts and flushing. A particular person would normally feel the symptom or symptoms fading in and out for about ten to fifteen minutes.

These panic disorder symptoms and panic disorder in itself is brought by one cause. It is not stress or any other substances but it is our nervous system. Yes, our own nervous system is causing us some problem because we also caused problem to them. Unknowingly, we have lived our poor lifestyles for years which slowly decrease the good condition of our system. This eventually results to unbalanced condition and malfunctioning of our nervous system.

However, we are still left with some hope because we can surely get rid of panic attack. That could only be possible if we will start changing our way of living and commit to implement comprehensive natural treatment plan to our daily living. We should keep in mind that the aim of this treatment must be to strengthen our nerves. It will be possible if we will try these suggested tips below:

• Eliminate irritants from your system like: coffee, refined sugar, white flour, hard alcohol, and junk foods.

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• Drink lots of water so as to flush irritants out and to stop chronic inflammation which damages your nerves.

• Eat fruits and vegetables daily for their high alkaline mineral content is very important to our body.

• Get enough protein in order to produce more neurotransmitters.

• Observe a regular sleep cycle and have a quiet dark room as your sleeping area.

• Learn and apply nervous system relief techniques like self massage, deep breathing and progressive relaxation.

Exercise more often to burn out enough nervous energy.

All of the above mentioned guidelines are easy and simple yet effective. I can promise you that all of your efforts will be worthwhile. As this whole treatment process will give an overwhelming result. After the whole healing process you are assured of a healthy and normal lifestyle. One that is totally free from any symptom or worry of panic attack.

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