If you have $150 to spend then you are ahead of many persons. Here's what I would suggest you do:

1. You need to learn how to do proper market research and keyword research. You are going to promote a product as an affiliate and make a commission. So I recommend you find at least 30-40 keywords You said the bet ends on November 20th so you have some time on your hands! Learn how to do proper keyword research from this thread >> How To Ramp Up Your Clickbank Commissions By Doing Proper keyword Research–> Step by Steps

2. After you do your keyword /market research, you will find a product that you can promote or earn a commision. Product can be from clickbank, commission junction or even independent affiliate programs. You will need to spend about $10 and get a domain. Don't go for any free resources since you have some start up capital.

3. Next you need to sign up for an auto-responder service. About $17 – 19 per month. Some of the options are: aweber, getresponse, imnicamail.

4. From doing your market research, you should be able to find some common problems that your prospects are having. Look for 10 questions they may have and search for articles online that answer those questions. You can either rewrite these articles to make them unique or use them as is and keep the author resource box in tact.

Compile those 10 articles into a free book. Add your copyright info, disclaimer, table of contents etc to polish it up. Now give your ebook a catchy name. eg. The 10 Untold Secrets About ….. Finally Revealed. Just be creative.

5. Set up a simple squeeze page. Have a title: Free Reports Reveals etc etc. Add some bullets about some of the tips given in the report and have a call to action. ie. submit your name and email to get these secrets now before I start charging for them …. Once they optin, send them to a confirmation page reminding them to confirm their email address. Nothing else should be on this page otherwise they may click away and never confirm their email address.

Now once they go to confirm, your confirmation link should be a link with your affiliate link to the product you are promoting. Simultaneously, the free report should be sent to their inbox.

6. Add about 1 month worth of auto-responder messages in your auto-responder. No need to bust your brains, there are ton of articles out there that you can rewrite and put your own touch to.

SO your sales funnel is up, the next step is traffic you have already spent close to $30 so you have about $120 left.

** I would spend about $100 and get at least 20 of the articles done from the 40 keywords you have chosen. You can write the other 20 yourself.

** Submit each of those articles to the top 10 article directories with a link back to your squeeze page.

** Convert each of those articles to pdf and upload them to file sharing sites link scribid.

** Convert them to word doc and submit them to sites docstoc.

** Use a free video recorder like windows movie maker and narate the powerpoints, convert them to

Videos and submit them to video sharing sites like youtube etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg but I can tell you that if you do the above properly and consistently, by the 20th of November you can make far more than double the amount of $150.

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