Herbal supplements can provide complete treatment to cure the ill effects of over masturbation without side effects and in a short duration. People indulged in too much masturbation can develop few types of serious sexual and mental disorders which can be very harmful for relationship with their spouse as well as for over all health. Masturbation is an easy way of satisfying sexual desires and excitement, one does not need a partner to achieve this, because of this people initially start enjoying it and slowly become habitual of it. Within the limit this self sexual stimulation is treated as good for health and also for mental health of matured males and females but when frequency crosses the limit it starts showing its ill effects.

There are many types of problems which get initiated in both males and females due to over masturbation, sexual exhaustion, hormonal imbalance, prostatitis, distressed liver and low libido are few of them, however problems like PE, ED, low sperm count, semen leakage and weak erections are commonly evident in males and vaginal discharge, dryness, vaginal infections are commonly associated with females indulged in over masturbation. Herbal supplements can effectively treat all of these issues in males and females if they contain effective herbs and natural substances.

Herbal supplements containing Shilajit as ingredient or using Shilajit as herbal support for treating effects of over masturbation can provide complete treatment to all the problems. Shilajit is trusted and tested herb for increasing metabolism rate and promoting energy releasing reactions in the body to reestablish youthful vigor and virility. It improves immunity system, maintains hormonal balance and is an excellent treatment for swelled prostatitis commonly associated with over masturbation. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and aphrodisiac which increases sexual power and capacity by promoting healthy and smooth blood flow to all parts of the body. It also counters ageing effects and is an excellent rejuvenator.

NF Cure capsule is another herbal supplement which can treat the problems initiated by over masturbation effectively. This herbal product is famous for its rejuvenating properties; it promotes energy and strength in the body and is an excellent treatment for increasing mental activity. This herbal supplement promotes immunity as well as helps in gaining control over emotions to suppress the urge for masturbation. It is a powerful anti-oxidant which promotes blood flow all over the body for better oxygenation of all the organs to improve their functioning. It is also an anti-inflammatory and has very good healing properties which can cure internal swellings and injuries to improve over all sexual health.

Along with these herbal supplements one must reduce the frequency of masturbation and restrict this practice within healthy number to help the treatment in curing the problems. Staying away from exciting thoughts, fantasies, magazines and movies is the best way of doing it. Exercising according to one's body's capacity will certainly help in treating the problem, proper and timely diet along with proper rest improves health and also helps in remaining stress free and mentally fresh, this can counter ill effects of over masturbation on its own to large extent.

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