To ensure prosperous and durable construction it’s important to ensure the strength of the ground. Once you are sure about the substrates strength, you can continue construction process. The California government made an initiative to test the ground. These measurement tactics is called as California bearing ratio. The CBR test is highly beneficial in the field of transportation and other big construction programs run by the government. The construction of roads, pavements or airstrips needs a strong ground layer and hence this bearing ratio helps to ensure a durable construction.

Why is CBT Test performed?

Well, as already mentioned, the complete CBT process of testing the soil and determining its strength to withhold a building. There are multiple factors that collectively help to find the CBT value. There are many factors like soil type, soil strength, material thickness are performed in the exam.

Roads are the biggest network in any country where countless vehicles witness starting from early morning. The use of CBT ratio ensures heavy vehicles to move easily on the roads without damaging the construction. The amount of pressure that is exerted on the ground determines the capability, how much can soil absorb the pressure and what is the saturation point of the soil.

So what is the procedure of CBD Testing?

The entire process is executed on the sample of soil that is derived from the location of construction. The sample of soil is exerted with high pressure. The pressure helps you determine the maximum value that it can withhold. Always remember that not every soil sample would have the same CBR rate. Different types of soils have different value and hence it determines a different level of strength the soil can withhold.

According to the research, it has been found that if the CBR of soil is more than 80 percent, you are highly capable of any type of heavy loads from the surface. Nowadays, the CBR value is even considered while building flats or multiple story buildings. But the entire construction process continues only after you receive the appropriate CBR value.

The highest CBR value is 100 percent hence multiple efforts are put on the soil to boost its strength and hence develop high CBR value.

So, what are the importance of CBR testing?

The process of tracking the strength of your soil is easy and hence you can track the status of the soil conveniently.

• You can either use heavy equipments or lighter equipments to track the strength of the soil.
• The complete exploration of soil delivers countless information about the soil and its strength. You can use CBR test to find the maximum possible information about the soil.
• No detailed groundwork is required to test the soil. Instead, the testing is performed on the basis of previous situation and current status.

All in all, you will find the CBR testing values as the facts that can determine the strength of a particular place. The evaluation of their exact strength will highly help you in building long-term construction.

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