In order to know the cause of loose vagina, it is important to determine whether the vagina is sagged or not. Besides, loose vagina is likely to cause many problems in the intimate relationship because any woman with sagged vagina is unable to satisfy her partner during lovemaking act. Therefore, it is a big concern for women when their vagina is not tight. Moreover, a woman gets frustrated when she comes to know that her vagina has loosened due to which her partner complain about lack of stimulation in the relationship. Furthermore, there are some signs mentioned ahead that can help to know whether a woman's vagina has loosened or not.

1. Difficulty in gripping finger with vagina.
2. Vagina does not close even when woman is not aroused.
3. Three or more fingers can be inserted easily and without any resistance.
4. Woman has to try harder for achieving an orgasm.

However, effects of loose vagina are mentioned ahead so that any woman can confirm that her vagina is flattering loose.

1. Lovemaking is no longer enjoyable.
2. Lovemaking is less satisfying for the spouse.
3. No feel of resistance during lovemaking even when woman is aroused.

The mentioned effects can clearly determine that loose vagina is a nightmare for any woman. And, it is important to understand the causes of loose vagina. Firstly, child birth can loosen the vagina since the walls of the genital organ gets stretched when the child is about to enter the world. But, elastic nature of the walls of genital organ prevents any further damage to it. Secondly, to create a more comfortable sensuous experience, the wall of the vagina spreads when woman is sexually stimulated. In addition, the genital organ also becomes more lubricated when it is stimulated. Thirdly, episiotomy is surgical procedure in which the wall of vagina has to be torn for the proper child birth.

Moreover, this procedure is carried out when the baby becomes stuck during birth process, and it can loosen the vagina. Fourthly, balanced hormone level is important to keep reproductive organs healthy, and decrease in hormone production is likely to lax the vagina. Also, it can reduce the strength and control of the vaginal muscles.

Nevertheless, Aabab tablets are herbal supplements that can tighten the lax vagina. Moreover, its active ingredients are capable to restore the normal vaginal suppleness. In addition, it can also restore the vaginal lubrication effectually. Also, it offers the ability to achieve orgasm easily while performing lovemaking act. In addition, it will intensify the sexual pleasure for both partners to feel more satisfied after lovemaking. Furthermore, these tablets are specially formulated to cleanse and tighten the loose vagina. Besides, it will also help to get rid of the unpleasant odor and discharge. On the other hand, Aabab tablets reshape and contract the vaginal walls for more intense intimate pleasure and comfort. Nonetheless, it also increases the overall sensitivity of the vaginal muscle for more satisfaction in the intimate relationships. And, it is an herbal supplement which is both, affordable and effective. Additionally, unlike other treatment methods, there are no side effects of the Aabab tablets.

However, it is a non hormonal product which is prepared with distinct herbs to effectively tighten a loose vagina and, to increase the pleasure of intimate relationships.

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