In Sacred Geometry, the shape of Christ Consciousness (or sometimes it is called Christ Grid) is made from a combination of several geometric shapes, the dodecahedron and the icosahedrons. These two shapes are from the group of five shapes known as the Platonic Solids, or the perfect bodies. The platonic solids are five unique structures that are congruent regular polygons, with the same number of faces meeting at each vertex; thus, all its edges are congruent, as are its vertices and angles. Many religions consider the platonic solids shapes to be holy.

When the shape is made into jewelery, a Christ Consciousness Pendant is a replication of the shape of the Human Consciousness Grid, which is like an energetic network of lines that form a grid around the planet. The shape radiates a very high and subtle vibration and possesses excellent healing abilities.

When we talk in terms of spirituality, Christ Consciousness is about opening the heart and living in unconditional love, and accepting all of humanity exactly as they are without judgement. Jesus said "There is only one way" and what he meant by that was that the only way to get back to God was through unconditional love for our fellow man. This is one of the key elements to ascension. Jesus was showing us that we were all capable of attaining this kind of consciousness through discipline, growth and self- awareness. He was not advocating that we follow him, rather that we find our own path to divinity here on earth- as a conscious, self-aware enlightened being.

When we live in the ego and indulge in hatred, bigotry, judgement, gossip, negative thinking, racism, jealousy or any other third dimensional activity, we are not in contact with our higher self, and so we attract negative events and people into our lives. Christ Consciousness is about being aware that in every moment. You have a choice which is love or fear. You can only live in one at a time. Love or fear. Which will you choose?

The Christ Consciousness grid is a permanent feature around the planet and is a resource that we can tune into it for encouragement and inspiration if we are trying to raise our vibration. It reminds us of our true, loving nature, and motivates us to achieve the state of love. Try to connect with the Christ Consciousness in meditation or prayer and ask for assistance in achieving unconditional love.

Written by Caroline Nettle

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