Infertility is a medical condition that is marked by the inability to produce children. The problem can affect either of the two partners which implies that the problem is common in both males and females. In case of normal fertilization, around 90 million male sperms are transferred into the female body during the sexual intercourse. Here, one of the sperms, which is the healthiest of all, reacts with the female egg (ovum) and this leads to the process of fertilization. In case of patients suffering from infertility, either the male is not able to produce ample sperms or the female egg is not healthy enough to undergo the process of fertilization. Around 15 percent of couples world wide suffer from this problem.

Infertility has become very common nowadays due to unhealthy lifestyle practices. Smoking and consumption are one of the major cause of infertility. Inflammatory infections in the pelvic area may also result in infertility. Apart from this infertility may also be caused by a previous infection, polyps in the uterus, endometriosis, fibroid, adhesions. Prevailing chronic medical conditions and birth defects may also be a major reason behind infertility. Consumption of unhealthy fats can also affect the tendency to produce children. One of the most common cause of infertility is obesity which can lead to both male and female Infertility. Male infertility is marked by the inability of a male to produce healthy sperms. It usually results from an injury to the genitals which may lead to dysfunctional erectile.

Infertility was earlier considered to be in treatable and has been a major cause of concern for many couples. The problem not only affects the couple but also mentally affect the other family members as well. Infertility can also lead to broken marriage and drastically effect the self confidence of the person affecting him/her both socially and psychologically. With the advent of latest technological methods in the field of medicine, various researches were conducted that ultimately led to the invention of in vitro fertilization or IVF. The treatment has proved to be a boon for millions of people and helped to save hundreds and thousands of marriages.

The cooperation of both the parents is extremely important for the procedure and it requires high degree of patience. It is possible that the procedure may not turn out to be successful in the first go and needs to be repeated a number of times before attaining successful results.

IVF or In vitro fertilisation is a medically acclaimed procedure of producing babies without any physical contact between the parents. The process is carried out clinically in a glass container by highly trained specialist. It is one of the newest and most effective ways of helping couples who are unable to bear a child naturally. IVF treatment in India has proved to be successful in helping hundreds and thousands of childless couples by giving them the gift of parenthood. The cost of IVF in India is comparatively lower that other countries as a result of which IVF treatment in India has attracted a lot of foreign patients as well. The cost expenditure lies between 1.5 Lakhs to 2.5 Lakhs. Annually a lot of patient coming from abroad get the procedure done in the leading IVF treatment hospitals of India. BLK Hospital is one of the leading hospitals, that provide the facility of IVF treatment in India. The hospital has its own specialised lab where the procedure is carried out by highly efficient medical experts.

The procedure involves taking a healthy sperm and egg from the male and female partner respectively. The sperm is then injected inside the female body with the help of a tinny glass needle. The process of fertilization is then allowed to take place naturally and one the process is completed, the fertilized zygote is placed inside the mother's uterus. In case the uterus of the mother is not healthy enough to bear the child it may lead to miscarriage. In such cases the option of surrogacy can prove to be really helpful.

Since the procedure is very complicated and sensitive, it requires very high degree of accuracy and precision and can only be carried out by trained experts. The children produced by this technique are normal and healthy and in no way less than the children produced by normal reproduction.

In vitro fertilisation has a very high success rate and there's no need to get disheartened of its not successful in the first go. The patient's are given all the necessary information about the procedure before hand and also informed about all the risks and benefits of the procedure.

Though the procedure has certain risks but he benefits of the procedure outnumber all of these risks. Hence there is no need to be worried if you are planning to undergo the procedure. Just trust your doctor and be patient. Although it might take time but the treatment surely yields successful results. The procedure may require more than one cycle that are to be repeated at regular intervals.

Hence IVF treatment has proved to be a blessing for many childless couples who could not bear a child due to either of the parents being infertile. Infertility can affect any person and it is not the end of the world. The problem is curable and even if it cannot be treated, options like In vitro fertilisation can prove to be extremely helpful. In vitro fertilization can be used in case of both male and female Infertility and even if the womb of the mother is not strong enough to bear the child, a surrogate mother can be arranged. IVF treatment in India is highly efficient and has been very successful. BLK Hospital low cost of IVF treatment in India has helped to make the treatment available to a large number of patients. Although the treatment has certain risks as well and may not be always successful in the first go but these are quiet rare.

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