India is a country known as a medical hub for International as well as local patients. The cost is always lower than most other country hospitals. The Indian surgeons and doctors deal with high end heart care and services and are highly competitive in terms of experience and expertise.
The Procedure
The procedure will give you a brief understanding on the cost level of the Surgery. It is important to know what you will be going through before actually laying down for the Surgery, better be alert than ignorant.
The patient will be first induced with general anesthesia, this will help the patient feel no pain and remain asleep while the surgery is performed. While you are lying asleep, the surgeons will be busy making 8-10 inch incisions over your chest area. Another surgeon would be giving you a couple of cuts over your breastbone which would then expose your heart. When the heart is exposed, you will be connected to a heart lung bypass machine. This machine helps circulate the blood around the body. Then the surgeon will use a healthy artery vein, to make a clear way out for the blocked artery. Once done, the surgeon will patch up the breastbone while leaving a wire inside the body. The original cut is stitched up. This is how a normal surgery procedure takes place.
These normal surgery procedures are done at affordable costs. There are many new techniques and procedures that are carried out for the open heart surgery. The latest procedures may even avoid the use of the heart lung bypass machine and use alternatives. These may be costly compared to the normal procedures.
Cost of Open Heart Surgery in India
Cost of Open Heart Surgery in India is up to 70 to 80% less when compared to UK and US, this may also include accommodation and travel charges. India offers the most affordable surgery cost even amongst the Asian countries. The quality of healthcare services are easily equated with those found in Western Nations.
The average cost of an Open Heart Surgery in India is 7500 USD Approx. while the same procedure cost in UK maybe around 90,000 USD and in US 55,000 USD. The difference is sky high. Why spend so much when you could achieve the same surgery with similar procedures for a much less cost?
Why Choose India?
India has many cardiac cases coming in at an everyday basis, their recovery and success rate is good too. Cardiac care in India has a special feature for the Global patients. India competes with the developed Nations in a similar way in terms of health infrastructure. Indian medical units are armed with the latest innovations in terms of medical electronics with unmatched expertise in leading cardiologists and heart surgeons.
The Indian cardiac surgeons are known to cater comprehensive type of Cardiac care which spans from basic facilities which offer Affordable Costs of Open Heart Surgeries.
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Cost of Open Heart Surgery in India is up to 70 to 80% less when compared to UK and US, this may also include accommodation and travel charges.